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T'was the night before release date...

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...and all through the net
The excitement was rising, fan appetites were whet(-ed - yes i know grammar)
The developers hoped that the site would not crash,
In the stampede to download the latest Monkey cache.

Fan's fingers were hovering over the link marked download,
Hoping in their excitement they wouldn't a-splode
Spouses, children and friends shouting 'Give it a rest!'
'POTC did it better - their pirates are best!'

When suddenly in the forum there arose a catterwaul
'It's happening!' It's Happening!' I got a 'Fail Narwhal'
Away to their account pages the fans rushed with a flash
Refreshing their pages, fingers crossed against crash

The comment totals grew faster, numbered more and more
'WTF - is it released yet?! Comment 4044
We've got no forum, let's party in the blogs!
You bring the one-liners and I'll bring the grogs!

Now Guybrush! Now van Winslow! Now LeChuck and Elaine!
On Nipperkin! On Morgan! On Voodoo Lady with no name!
To all new islands! To The Siege of Spinner Cay!
We'll play without washing 24 hours a day!

Once again we give our thanks to the TTG Team
for after nine years you reawakened our dream!
So we all exclaim together on this historic night
Thanks to all at TellTale for getting it (mostly :) ) RIGHT!!

(If anyone else can be bothered adding the other 8 verses be my guest :) )

A little bit lame but I can't draw or programme for sh*t so I throw my efforts to the lions. NOT THE FACE!
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  • Give yourself some credit, it's very well done. I just want your job. What do you do for a living that you have the free time to think that up and write it down?
  • This is going to sound big headed but that was off the cuff and typed direct into post - it's 19.50 here in the UK anyway and that took me...20 minutes?..ish :D thanks
  • Hey, well done, that's very clever! And 'whet' - poetic license!
  • Not bad at all, I think it might be my favorite poem.
  • Very cool i like it very much :)
    Yeah yeah the night for release day.... I´m not really hyped because when it released after 11am (pst) (it´s 5pm in germany) than i oly can play it on Saturday!! ;) but than... "i´m guybrush threepwood, mighty pirate (tm)"

  • LOL was awesome! well done XD
  • Make it WTF? Is it released yet? Comment 4044. It sounds better xD. Nice poem :)
  • Monkeybutton;183105 said:

    (If anyone else can be bothered adding the other 8 verses be my guest :) )
    Dave stood at his desk, staring blankly at the walls
    Not a soul was around, in the bathrooms or halls
    He typed in his name, logging on to the site,
    And he thought to himself: "Man, this will be one long night..."

    He checked the forums and read some new posts.
    A guy was complaining about the lack of ghosts,
    Another said that Tales should have more rhymes!
    'Oh, guys", Dave thought. "You're so funny sometimes."

    Then all of a sudden, a voice on the hall
    No, it was closer, right behind the left wall.
    Dave turned around as he recognized Mike,
    "I've got an idea!", he said. "Let's give Guybrush a bike!"

    "A bike?" asked Dave, in wonder and fright.
    "No wait, what are YOU doing here at this hour of night?"
    Mike explained: "Don't you know? It's the night before the Cay!
    I've been tossing and turning and mumbling all day!"

    "I know, I'm nervous too", Dave replied, scratching his ear.
    Mark poked his head through the door: "You guys are still here?!"
    The telephone rang and Dave answered just in time.
    "Who's making all that racket?", Jake's voice shouted from the other line.

    "Are you calling from your desk? We're all here it would seem"
    One by one they emerged, the entire TellTale Games Team.
    sure, they did this before, and each time with success,
    But launching an episode comes with a whole lot of stress.

    What will the fans think, did we do a good job?
    Will it make them all happy, or will all end in sob?
    Is it too funny or is it too zen?
    With these questions in mind, the guys were silent again.

    The sound of the clock bell gave the Team a good fright,
    20th of august was here, the timing was right.
    Dave opened the page and inserted the code and command,
    The "download" button appeared, the Team could just stand
    and watch as the comments piled up faster than light,
    "It's great!", "It's better!", "The best one in sight!".

    A feeling of relief surrounded our friends,
    T'was the 20th of august, and it's not where it ends.
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