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How to kill time while waiting for Ch. 2...

posted by Dangerzone on - last edited - Viewed by 2.1K users
Hey guys... I figured id start a thread where everyone can kill time while waiting for episode 2 to come out...

feel free to post anything... Stupid videos... idle banter... whining and crying... even other games...

Anyways if anyone is looking for a puzzle game to grit their teeth on while waiting... Try this puzzle game I found a few weeks ago called "vision"

Play Vision

Its a room escape, but don't put this one in with the stereotype... Seriously, some of the puzzles in that game seem like something straight out of an adventure game... oh and the graphics are amazing as well, done in actual pre-rendered 3D, so the game is photo realistic

(I can post others made by the same designer if anyone is interested, but that is their hardest/most impressive title)

So, what is everyone else doing to kill time?
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