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some of you guys here probably have never posted on a forum before or are used to Vbulitan3. this thread is just to familiarize everyone with the posts. ok, lets get started

first and for most, the topic is what your thread head-line will be, this matters the most when your making a post because it determines weather or not your post is going to interest someone. always try and put your thread in the best spot.

B? I? U? S?
huh? BIUS? whats that?

B = BOLD: if you want something in bold just hi-lite and press the B at the top of the text window.

I = Italics: if you want something in italics hi-lite the text you want and then click the I button at the top of the text window.

U = underline, with this you can underline text. hi-lite the text you want and click I at the top of the text window.

S = striking, if you want to put a line threw something hi-lite the text and then click the S at the top of the text box.
test test test test test test test test test

size lets you chose the size of your font. you have 3 choices

font lets you chose which font you want you have 4 choices. i used 4 different kinds in the example above but it's kinda hard to see. i suggest you pick a larger size as well.

color lets you chose a specific color for text

the [b]HTTP:// [/b] button allows you to insert a web address, if you click that button a box will pop up asking asking for you to enter the text you want to be displayed instead of the actual link. an example would be telltalegames
the link doesn't display the URL, it displays a different message of your choosing, your second prompt will be for the actual URL. if you don't wish to post a different message other then the URL then press OK without entering anything and continue to the second box to insert your URL. press enter when done.

the email button does the same thing as the HTTP:// button but is meant for email address not URL's

the Image button allows you insert an image to the text box. insert a URL to a picture in the text box and then press enter or click OK.

the code button, not to sure what this does, as far as i know it makes your text smaller and
apear as if it was typed threw a type writer

the list button allows you to create a list, fallow the instruction on the box, their fairly simple..
remember only enter your list option once, it will number the rest for you.

quote button is used to quote someone or some other document, enter your quote into the text box
the cat in the hat
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