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Order is empty!

posted by stimakov on - last edited - Viewed by 794 users
I bought sam and max episode 2 and received the email with order number 4837843800. However after going to the past orders page I wasn't able to download the file as the order was empty. The demo version asks me to pay again in order to play the full version? Could you look into this?

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  • I just checked your order and saw that it's a "trialware purchase" which means you purchased directly through the demo version... which should mean you already have the demo installed on your computer. So, no need to download again!

    All you have to do to unlock the demo into the full version is click "I've already purchased this" and enter your order number and the password you created when you checked out. I'll send you a password reminder in case you need it.

    If you ever need to download again, you can just download the demo version here and activate by clicking "I've already purchased this" and entering the information.

    (For the record, we have been encouraging Season 1 customers not to activate this way, but when you buy through the demo version, it's the best way to activate!)

    Hope that makes sense. Let me know if you have any questions.
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