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Listen up y'all

posted by Heatherlee Telltale Alumni on - last edited - Viewed by 1.6K users
Well, now, ya'll have been doin' a pretty decent job of acting like decent, law-abiding folks with yer sherriff Guybrushguy outta town. And rumor has it he'll be back pretty soon now.

But I have been noticin' that some of ya'll have been gettin' a bit loose with the language. Ya might want ta re-read the forum rules fer a refresher. And remember that this here's a family forum. Adventure gamers come in all sizes and ages. So please respect the forum, respect yer neighbors, and respect yerselves.

Til ol' Guybrushguy returns, I'm gonna be steppin in as deputy sherriff and takin care o' some o' them unsightly posts. An' I warn ya that I have a reputation as somewhat of a tyrant round these look out...

Deputy Heather
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    sorry ms. heather. you wont catch me doing it again
  • not that I've been one of the people breaking the rules but people should be able to use whatever language they want to. (within reason) I like these forums but if people are going to start power tripping then it's really going to kill the place.
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    Heather has only stepped in here because I requested that she do it.

    Those rules were set up a long time ago and you all have done a good job policing yourselves, in general many of the posts that aren't thoroughly ridiculous are thoughtful and intelligent.

    Its not our goal to restrict free speech or bring people down, but those rules were set up to keep the forum a cool place for like minded people to get together.

    So please if you need to swear at least swear like

    Ambersand, colon, asterick, Dollarsign!

  • in general many of the posts that aren't thoroughly ridiculous are thoughtful and intelligent.
    aw... but I like being thoroughly ridiculous... :( :o)

    and is there any other kind of ridiculous? ;)

    all kidding aside, though, yeah. i've read a lot of pretty well-crafted posts here.
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    Awww, and just as I was starting to let my tongue slip a bit. I don't know why, but I think I'm going to miss the mindlessly stupid posts.
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    ive never saw any stupid posts :D ive never saw any stupid posts
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    well its hard to talk about the cancellation of sam and max without swearing but i'll try ;)
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    I don't think the rules say anything against

    Mindlessly stupid
    Absurdly Avant Garde
    Freakishly Freewheeling
    Weirder then Misanthropes Avatar

    So please feel free to get creative, we love it.
  • I hope the rules don't say too much about trailing off-topic either.

    Just checked out your blog site Heather, and it's seldom and long since i've read anything that i've agreed with and enjoyed that much. Great stuff, hope you keep it up, you atleast have one regular reader from here on out.

    I'm having the time of my life checking out the Avant Garde Gaming site aswell (September 18 is so dead on it's scary), and thanks to you reassuring me that the new Pirates! revives my childhood favourite rather than making me depressed, and going into the usual "everything was better when i was young" mumbling that makes me seem 30 years older than I really am. I'm gonna go out and get that one tomorrow!

    Thanks again.

    Game on, and I hope you get around to that excavation soon. I'd be happy to join in on the trip, but living in Norway, I imagine most of my friends would finally give up on questioning my sanity, if i used a bucketload of money on a near-impossible quest to POSSIBLY dig up a working copy of an ancient game cartridge that sucks buttocks harder than, well.. Some kind of lifeform that inhales oxygen impressingly hard closely embedded in someone's rear end. Comparisons are another thing my friends accuse me of being crappy at (in addition to life itself). But I digress.. I'll have to stay content with following your hunt for facts and maybe a picture or two. Yay!
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    Heatherlee Telltale Alumni
    Well thank you, Apignarb. That's mighty kind of you.

    Alucard, all I'm talkin bout is people cuttin down on their swearin and such-like. There's no need to reign in the creativity of free-wheelin folks like yerselves. Plus it probably wouldn't work.

    But the forums are for all kinds of folks to use an enjoy, so all we're sayin is to make them a welcoming, cozy kinda place for everyone who might wander on by.

    The deputy
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