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Sam & Max on XBLA Please

posted by Ragnus Lif on - last edited - Viewed by 1K users
Hi, guys is there any way of this great game be released on Xbox 360 Live Arcade, this is the kind of game that's missing on consoles system.

You could sell for 1,200 Microsoft Points "15 bucks" and it's still cheap for the quality of the game we see

I Love Adventure Games, but my Pc sucks, and i think the best way to spread the good adventures games on market again is via XBLA

The size of the game helps to fit into XBLA too

So how about it ;)

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  • XBLA is not suitable because of the silly 50 MB limit to the games. However the new Playstation Network would be perfect for the game, also considering the fact that the console supports mouse and keyboard controls right away.
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    Jake Telltale Alumni
    I think the 50 mb limit is there so that people who bought a 360 without the hard drive will still be able to play the game.
  • I think you still need the harddrive in order to download anything.
  • No, you just need a memory card... which are 64 MB, so you can usually fit more or less around 1 game on it. If you want to play another you need to delete it and download it again later, or buy a bunch of memory cards of course (but then, why not buy the hard disk and be done with it?).
    Personally, I think the 50 MB limit is pretty pointless, I doubt many people use XBLA with just memory cards. Still, it does discourage bloatware, making them nice and easy to download. If they ever increased the limit it would certainly be great if Sam & Max went on XBLA.
  • right now lets just be gratefull we have a fantastic PC version. If the Elder scrolls has taught us anything its that PC games that get brought to consoles SUFFER massively.
    ShaggE;16064 said:
    Mmmm.... hi-def Sam and Max..... Imagine being able to see every drop of congealed blood caught in Max's fur.... *salivates at the prospect*
    you do realise that Sam and Max IS in high def on the PC.
  • Let us not start an Elder Scrolls discussion here :P
    But yeah it is true that Sam&Max is sort of like Hi Def on PC, although this has really not much to do with the PC as a platform. And hi-def itself has nothing to do with the detail on Max's fur.

    Oh. I really didn't know you could run XBLA games from a memory card. But yeah it is prettymuch pointless.

    What's more they have huge downloads in form of movies etc. The 50 MB limit is a bit like a bump in the road for those games. The Sony approach seems a bit better. It seems like they have no size limit on downloadable games. The latest downloadable game is Tekken 5: Dark Resurrection and it is a bit over 800 MB I think...
  • Some interesting news about the partial lifting of the XBLA size restriction:

    Essentially if a game "really needs to" it's allowed to be more than 50 MB. So come on Telltale, get Sam & Max on there and rake in the money! It can't be very hard to adapt the game to the 360 controller either.
  • It's true, supposedly you can convert a lot of games to the PC using the XNA tools in a matter of weeks

    So for a small, relatively simply game like S&M(compared to say an FPS) it should take no time at all to seperate the phillistines from their XBLA points.

    And then you can afford more staff, and work faster ;)
  • I prefer sam & max on wii! (i don't have xbox :p) Nintendo will offer some live arcade, and sam & max with wiimote.... Wuaaaooo!
  • I agree that versions for all those console download services (why just one) might be a good idea. Shouldn't be too expensive to do once the engine is ported. And with 5 (or 9 in may) downloadable games running with this engine (Texas Hold'em, Bone & S&M) that sounds very, very interesting to me. And once the engine is ported, a port of the CSI-Games for Wii (on Disc) seems to be the next logical step for Telltale / Ubi Soft to take :cool: (or, as download separated into the individual cases)

    If that was my decission... I would do it (maybe start with the CSI-game funded by Ubi Soft and re-use the ported engine later on for the other games ;) )
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