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Stuuck, any hints? (spoiler

posted by ronnielau on - last edited - Viewed by 1.5K users
I'm stuck on getting the seahorse summoning artifact from the two pirates. I realise that I'm supposed to do something whilst they have their backs turned on me, but damn it, I can't understand why, and I have tried -EVERYTHING-, and its driving me nuts! :P
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  • Where exactly is this hot tub located?
  • It's a dual purpose hot tub/throne.
  • the barbaque on spoon
  • How do I get McGill-a-cutty to sink his own ship?!
  • raycichocki;184360 said:
    How do I get McGill-a-cutty to sink his own ship?!
    - [Spoiler]Try let him sink his own ship :)[/Spoiler]
    - [Spoiler]Do you see that he always hit your mast?[/Spoiler]
    - [Spoiler]Maybe the cannonball must bounce off.... but how?[/Spoiler]
    - [Spoiler]A mast made of rubber would be nice... seen anything like that?[/Spoiler]
    -[Spoiler]On the northern most small island (forgot the name, is a rubber tree[/Spoiler]
    -[Spoiler]You'll have to digg it out[/Spoiler]
    -[Spoiler]First let the pirates dig at the tree[/Spoiler]
    -[Spoiler]Now use your crowbar and tell the mergirl about the tree :)[/Spoiler]
  • How can I can the pyrite from the BBQ to the mould. I can get within 2 places but thats as quick as i can! Can anyone help me please?:)
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