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TOMI - Off-Center

posted by SnivelluslyOzalan on - last edited - Viewed by 271 users
I just downloaded the first chapter of Tales of Monkey Island. When I launch the game, all the graphics seem fine, but it's too large for my screen and it's off-center as well (what should be at the center of the screen is showing on the far right side of the screen). I can see part of the menu (New Game, Quit, etc.) but I can't see any arrow to move around.

I've messed with the screen resolution, but currently it's at 1280 x 1024, which is the highest I have. Does anyone have any suggestions?
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  • I'm not sure how severe the problem is, but it might just need a bit of monitor fiddling? If it's an LCD, there should be a button on there with something like 'auto' on it. Try pressing that to auto adjust screen position. If that doesn't work you can do it manually with the other buttons on your monitor.

    It might not be that simple a problem though, I'm not entirely sure what you're describing.
  • image

    I'm not sure if that image will work, but that should give you an idea of what shows up on my screen. The strange thing is, when I tried to do a screen capture of the TOMI menu as it shows up for me, it copied the entire image as it should look, but when I'm in the game it only shows the left half of the menu (hopefully as it shows up in my posted picture). I tried to fiddle with the monitor...I tried auto and also the manual settings, but when it moved the picture to the left, it just showed black on the right side, instead of the picture that should be there. It seems like it's just zoomed in somehow so that there isn't room to show the right half, but I don't know how I can make it zoom out.

    Hopefully the image helps. I'm not sure how else to explain. Any ideas?
  • I'd say try hitting alt+enter and then adjusting the resolution from there. It's possible that your monitor isn't recognizing what's initially offered?
  • That worked! I can't get full screen to work, so the start menu still shows up at the bottom, but that's a small price to pay so I can play the game. Thanx so much!!!!!
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