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Help with Chapter 2...

posted by Sergiinho on - last edited - Viewed by 683 users
Well, basically i got the 2 Artifacts and the Turtle is missing.. the Chest is gone and those 2 Pirates too... no one wants to talk to me and i have no idea what to do...
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  • Sergiinho;184634 said:
    well i guess he still does hate me, for ruining his plans several times.. he doesnt want to speak to me :( i can see the turtle, but cant get it out!
    Talk nicely to him and help him with hints...
  • You can see the turtle? If only there were some way to pry it out. Possibly something nearby. Like, so near by it looks like it's supposed to be there all along.
  • I can't figure out how to find LeChuck. Been wandering through the jungle to no avail.

    I see him walking back and forth on top of the cliff when I'm on the shore where I came ashore the island, but can't get to him. Any help? Thanks.
  • From the well, go north twice.
  • Thanks for answering, but I'm still stuck. Perhaps I'm missing something. I don't know how to tell which direction is North, but from the "fishing" well there's only 2 directions I can go. Up and to the left, and down and to the left. If I walk up and to the left and then walk to the left again, I come to the barbecue grill. If I walk "down" and to the left and then down again, it brings me to the jungle entrance on the shore. Either way I can't figure out how to "get to" LeChuck. Even though I can see someone pacing on the cliff in the background.
  • Twice up. There should still be a path up from north of the fishing well, it's just a little hidden.

    I have to admit with you I got a little stuck there too, that path should have probably been made more obvious.
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