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Vista Fix Yet?

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Hi, I purchased the season before episode 1 came out and found out that there was a glitch with windows Vista. I have been waiting ever since for a fix to be released so I could start playing episode 1, now that episode 2 is out I am curious if that bug is fixed. I know Vista isn't out for consumers yet but it will be launched at the end of the month so I would expect that you guys would want this fixed by then.
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  • Since Vista hasn't shipped yet for consumer purchase, we haven't been in too big of a rush to release a patch. Episode 2 is Vista-friendly right out of the 'box', but Culture Shock hasn't been updated yet. We will update it soon, though.

    That said, all that's broken in Culture Shock is that the activation resets every reboot, so if you want to play through the game now, you can do it as long as you don't reboot before finishing. That's pretty lame, obviously, but it works as a temporary solution.
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