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The icon for chapter 2

posted by zwollie on - last edited - Viewed by 196 users
Firstly, I love the icon for chapter 2 and congratulate you guys on using artwork instead of a bland 3d model in this one.

That said, that also means the icons don't have the same overall style anymore so I do wonder, why the sudden change in icon style?
Now that I have seen this, I would have loved to see the Guybrush artwork for chapter 1 but I guess it is too late for that now.

PS: I know, I know why am I even making a thread about something an icon of all things....
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  • i felt the exact same way, im guessing this is purcells work? damn, i wish i pre ordered to get that slip cover, i didnt have the money!!, i bought it just as the offer ended for the free episode of any other game :'(

    AHEM, anyway, can we have a wallpaper like this, because ill admit to it, that art made me feel happy downstairs ....that and recently due to me noticing that my girlfriend looks and acts a HELL of alot like elaine, and even has a similiar name, has left well, emotionally attached to the character **worryingly some would say** and now, i really want the rest of the icon as a full wallpaper ...preferably nud....ahem

    my god, i have problems....
  • Nope, it's the work of Ryan Jones, our concept artist extraordinare!
  • There is a permanent solution to this problem.
    Learn how to use The Gimp (There is no need to pay money for Photoshop for this).
    Since icons are not so complicated, it won't take you that long to make good ones from concept art or screen-shots.
    You could post your alternative icon set on this forum for others to use!

    Personally I'm not fussy about desktop icons, but I love making my own unique ones for forum avatars. From the sound of it you will probably too after some Gimp tutorials.
  • Off course, we can make our own wich I do most of the time for dock icons anyway.

    I was just interested about the sudden change in style from the icons they set up when the game was announced.
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