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  • Marquis changed the winds to let her in?

  • How when Guybrush stole it, in part one?
  • ScurvyPirate;184779 said:
    How when Guybrush stole it, in part one?
    What are you talking about? Have you played the chapters? De Singe wants Guybrush's hand. Guybrush didn't steal anything.
  • He means the wind controller. I noticed this too.

    It was just cos of the filesize issues you can't go back to flotsam.

    Personally I'm glad, the new islands each chapter are awesome.
  • You didn't say what Guybrush took >.> But anyways, he could always have an extra...
  • MightyPirate(tm);184789 said:
    She swam back
    Not even a Micheal Phelps can pull that off.
  • My explanation: The winds aren't actually all that bad. Winslow just sucks at sailing. Next!
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