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Sound Quality Unacceptable on TOMI2

posted by nWeCinematics on - last edited - Viewed by 173 users
there's distortion, pops/clicks, and ridiculous sibilance over A LOT of the dialogue tracks. plus all of the voiceover is ridiculously data compressed.

even on a "clean" track, where there is no "obvious" problem, the voices have had all the life hammered out of them. listen closely to the voodoo lady's introduction to TOMI2. she sounds terrible. sure, the information is conveyed, but the quality of the actor's voice is completely gone.

i seriously can't play the game.

i made it through sam and max seasons 1 and 2 and TOMI1, able to enjoy the games with the understanding of the limitations of space inherit in downloadable titles.

but TOMI2 sounds absolutely awful.

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