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I got balls of steel! *small spoilers* (glitches I found in ToMIE2)

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Dammit telltales, when I write ToMI in the title I hear "Tales of monkey island!" in that corny voice and then the "dumdurldurlmdumduumdrum".

I love the flash teasers, keep em coming.

Ok, more like cannonballs, but it was a perfect place for it to glitch.

Yeah, its just there in the air, hanging.

When I fire of the cannon its gone.

Seems like Lechuck has a ball in the air too, without Lechuck, and Guybrysh says he still there. (This is returning to the beach after breaking the blockage)

That dude is mofo crazy, not only does he break my mast, he even forgets his door, in the sea, floating in the air..?
"That is the weirdest door I have ever seen, including the one I saluted down the rabbit hole."

I run the game on Vista 64 bit, i7 920, GforceGTX 275.

This was not gamebreaking, I completed the game just fine without restarting the program.
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  • Yeah, I got all of those aswell. Also, after [SPOILER]using my fake turtle on the pirates, I went back to the island alittle later on (I think it might have been just after getting my mast damaged in the "sea battle") and collected another fake from the makeshift mold.[/SPOILER] Then, I didn't get [SPOILER]my gold parrot back as a reward[/SPOILER]!!!

    Oh, my specs are:
    Windows Vista 64bit
    Intel Core 2 Duo E6850@3.0ghz
    nVidia 8800GT 512MB
    4GB DDR3
  • Yeah, it seems like that very last battle is a little buggy. Just a tiny bit. I fired the cannon again, after the battle ended, and that collision thing happened, without the other ship. Kinda amusing. :D
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