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Who else thinks Murray is overrated?

posted by Toothbrush Creepwood on - last edited - Viewed by 673 users
Whats with all the hype over that skull? Sure, he was very funny in CMI and had some amazing lines. But in EMI he was completley boring and i thought he was just thrown in to please fans. No funny lines at all and the tooth-clicking got on my nerves.

So...why all the hype. I have no problem to bring Murray back for one episode. I have no problem to encounter him into the Manatees stomach...but whats with all the begging to make him "a crew member"? He isn't THAT special...

Prove me wrong, but I can live without the skull!
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  • The head of the navigator thinks Murray is overrated. No one else.
  • I'm gonna pretty much agree with the OP here.
    Don't get me wrong, I love Murray, but I don't want to see him constantly, and well, I think his time in Monkey Island is over.
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    Of course he is overrated, he's just a skull. But still, here is hoping he will make an appearance in one of the episodes to come (as well as Stan, Meathook, Otis and Carla, H.T. Marley aka Herman toothrot, the beautiful cursed Masthead etc...)
  • Toothbrush Creepwood;185509 said:
    But in EMI he was completley boring
    As was the entirety of the game :(
  • You know what Murray needs, a body. Yeah, I know the whole head thing is sort of his trade mark, but think about it? Murray with a skeletal body opens up a whole world of funny possibilities. I think him only being a head has served it's purpose now. Time for something new to rekindle his character for everyone.
  • yeah, he would be like richard nixon in futurama...
  • I thought Murray was great in MI3, I really did.

    And I think that's the way it should have remained. Bringing him back was a bad move and a bad idea.

    I don't think that a character being nice and original means you need to bring him back.
    I'm not hoping for old characters to keep popping up in ToMI. A reference from time to time is nice, but what I'd really like is some new, interesting, original characters.
    The force of Murray was that he wasn't some old character coming back. He was new.
    Sure some charracters are reccuring in every game so far (Guybrush, Elaine, Lechuck, voodoo Lady, Stan...) but the new characters are what makes every one of the games unique in its own way.

    I love human Lechuck, I'm starting to like Windlow and I'm pretty curious about Morgan. I'd rather see these being more developped than Largo, Wally and Murray pop back for no reason whatsoever.
    (Of course one of them is always welcome to come back if there is a very good reason for it).

    I don't think Murray is overrated as a character. I think fans who like something tend to ask for more of it (be it a show, a series of books or a character) and forget that one thing that made them like it in the first place is that it was new and original.
  • I think Murray's overrated by some people, but I also think most of us would just like to see him make a cameo appearance for the humorous dialogue that's sure to ensue. Personally, I'd like to see him make at least one more appearance in the series to make up for the disappointment of EMI.

    Really, the only past minor characters I believe are worthy of cameo appearances are the Voodoo Lady, Murray, and Stan. The rest (Largo, Wally, Meathook, etc.) seem like they should be confined to the story lines of the past games.
  • I'm all in favour of new characters, except there are some that must remain: Guytbrush, Elaine, LeChuck, Stan AND Murray! I place Murray in the group of characters that must return.... He's more popular than Stan, and this guy appears in all MI games. Murray surely deserves more than just a cameo. In EMI he was terrible, but so was Stan (he didnt even need to be there and wasn't funny at all), LeChuck (an henchman???), etc. And the crewmember Murray thing is so that he could comment your actions like Max does in the Sam & Max games.
  • I love Murray. He's exactly the kind of incongruous humor that makes Monkey Island fun to play.

    Stan can go though. I hate annoying sales people :p
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