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Help: I think I have encountered a glitch

posted by Crushem on - last edited - Viewed by 839 users
Have all three artifacts I need to Throw it into the ocean and repeat the words.

So I don't have the parrot in my inventory and now the turtle is sitting in the mold. I figured I needed to shoot the ball of artifacts out of a cannon but when I try to use it it gives the dialog line from when Lechuck was at the cannon.

Have searched everywhere and this is the first time I have caved to ask for help in a MI game.

I find it odd for 4 reasons:
1) I was given back the parrot and dont have it.
2) The turtle is back in the mold.
3) Music from when Lechuck was fighting the 3 pirates still plays at that part of the jungle.
4) Cant look at or shoot cannon because Guybrush acts like Lechuck is still standing there saying the following dialog "I don't want to disturb him while he is using a connon" or some nonsense like that but no one is standing there.

Am I crazy? I dont want the answer if I am wrong. But if it's a glitch it would be nice to know
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  • Nice to know I am not going Crazy! It doesn't anger me but a little disappointing that such a huge glitch made it into the game
    beuwolf - Also, notice that the rubber tree is still there on the island.... - i think a cut scene should have happened and that we werent supposed to explore all these places....
    Rubber tree as well for me.
    Wolfstar27 - yeah soon as i noticed this i thought id post it up here, i dont know if it effects the game, well hopefully not cause im still playing it, but heres a print screen i did, lechucks not even there
    Yeah that screen is what I was/am seeing too
    Def. have to disagree with you on the mast puzzle as well. sorry dude
  • P.S. Thanks for all of your help

  • Just my two cents here, the Mer-leader told you to throw the ball into the ocean (not fire it from a cannon). I'm pretty sure this was just a case of over thinking the puzzle, but it wasn't that difficult for me to figure out there was a hotspot called "ocean" by the no fishing sign. Yes they shouldn't have the invisible LeChuck at the cannon or the rubber tree back in place, but you'd never even see those if you just threw it in the ocean like you were told. I'm going to have to say you're just being too picky here.
  • try shooting the cannon on your ship after you've sunken buddy's ship... also after i had sunken the ship a floating door above water was present
  • definetly not cool, i saw the cannon balls floating in game but avoided them. a few things to clean up lucasarts !
  • NinjaDave;187070 said:
    definetly not cool, i saw the cannon balls floating in game but avoided them. a few things to clean up lucasarts !
    Lucasarts? Their only involvement afaik is the licensing of the franchise. I am pretty sure Telltale does all of the actual development.
  • Definitely a big glitch no matter how you look at it. Could be easily avoided by disabling the map and having Guybrush say something along the lines of "But I still need to summon the sea creatures!" or "But I don't know where to go!"
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