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  • i like how we're debating if we can melt down pyrite on a barbecue built by mermaids.
  • Well suspension of disbelief has to be maintained realistically. For example in the recent movie District 9

    (minor spoilers follow, be warned - but it's not a great movie)

    the main character starts turning into an alien because he gets splashed by....alien petrol. Sure. Aliens I can buy. A guy turning into an alien.....maybe - if it was some kind of biological weapon, or the aliens are actually creatures who use other organisms as hosts and transform their bodies....but alien petrol? Nope.

    That's why melting pyrite is also an irritating stretch.
  • I think Monkey Island games overall can be described as a science related plothole.
  • Also, who can hold their breath underwater for 10 min? It's scientifically impossible!!! I can only do 9, tops.
  • PariahKing;186836 said:
    i like how we're debating if we can melt down pyrite on a barbecue built by mermaids.
    This says it all.
  • The puzzle confused me for a second, not because I thought that fool's gold wouldn't melt, but because I didn't remember that Pyrite is another word for Fool's Gold. Yes, I learned it at some point, but I had completely forgotten about it. Also, the parrot seemed like such a nice companion that I just couldn't imagine melting him down ... at least for all of five minutes.
  • hehe, actually that was the first thing i tried...putting the parrot on the furnace/barbecue even before i had the coal to fire it up. guybrush seemed to be annoyed by the parrot over time and i got the impression that he liked the idea. so parrot and barbecue sounded tempting to me from the start..ragardless from what material the parrot is made and how it might behave when heated..:D
  • haha I have a degree in chemistry and I didn't even think about that.. well spotted. that just makes the whole thing cooler I reckon :) really liked that puzzle!
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