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No more soundtrack?

posted by Zeek on - last edited - Viewed by 336 users
You know, my poor excuse for a cheaper version of an already monopolizing form of technology known in some circles as the iPod is feeling rather empty due to the lack of any more addtional tracks to the Sam & Max Season 1 Sountrack.

Is there any way that you guys chould possibly find some tracks worthy of adding to the collection? The interview recently said that you guys produced a song for episode three that is your best one so far, so why not give us a taste of this melodic masterpiece?

Oh, wait, I forgot that some people don't like being told and/or shown various plot spoilers, which may or may not include soundtrack snippets.

But still, how about more tracks to the Season 1 soundtrack already?
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    Jake Telltale Alumni
    Some more tracks from episode 2 (we've only released one so far!), and a preview track from episode 3 (not the track you're referring to, but a good one nontheness) will be appearing soon. The sound guys are busy on a deadline for episode 4 and haven't had time to bounce out mixed, non-looping versions of the tracks yet, but they're on the radar. Don't give up hope!
  • Is one of the tracks going to be the Driving music without the Soda Popper's singing over it? How about that strangely catchy melody that has me coming back to the "Next time" trailer for Episode 3?
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    Jake Telltale Alumni
    Nope and nope, though I'm sure both of those will be released eventually.
  • I guess the only thing I can do now then is sit, wait, and hope.

    Thanks Jake.
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