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The Unoffically Official Morgan LeFlay Appreciation Thread

posted by BobTGoldfish on - last edited - Viewed by 8.2K users
So yeah.

I'm not going to lie. I am a massive fan of this addition to the the Monkeyverse.

So I'm starting up the Morgan LeFlay Appreciation thread for those of us that are of like mind.

I love the dynamic she brings to the game, and the possibilites.

Was The 'Brush joking when he asked her to sail away with him to pillage and plunder? Who knows? all I know is I think it's going to bug a LOT of people for a month!

I also really dub her character design, something a little more overtly sexual about it, that would usually give her the upper hand over most pirates, but it doesn't faze our favorite mighty Pirate.

though am I the only one that noticed in the opening swordfight that Guybrush made NO offensive strikes, instead only parrying and swatting away morgans incoming attacks.. something I thought was pretty chivalrous.

anyway.. let the discussion begin!
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  • Morgan is awesome :) hopefully she'll be a thorn in Guybrush's side for the rest of Tales... I really can't see him with her in a romantic way but that could be hilariously funny, esp as she seems to have a bit of a crush...
  • lets get some morgan fan art going on up in here
  • ...if you must, but please let it be that decent type of fanart.

    well, i think morgan is definitely one of the more attractive women in monkey island and i believe there will be at least some tension between her and guybrush. elaine hanging out with lechuck all the time...and he being trapped in a huge seamonster with only morgan and...well...winslow. well, this might get weird you guys remember the line when guybrush wants to sail to the "isle of ewe"?

    i think the authors want to make that love triangle between guybrush, elaine and lechuck...hmm, a square, i guess. so, there probably will be some strain on their relationship.
  • I thought Morgan was awesome. Finally, a new character in MI that I like. EFMI really lacked that, and Morgan was one of the reasons I enjoyed TOMI so much. Telltale really did a great job.

    Although Winslow is becoming a more likeable character too.

    Gah Telltale rocks.

    Morgan FTW!
  • I think the single most important thing Telltale have done with TOMI is question Guybrush's relationship with Elaine. To be honest, the first MI game gives you little if any reason to like Elaine other than "she's a lady", and Guybrush himself seems to just sort of trip over his own feet into that relationship, and has stayed in that stumbling state since.

    I personally love what Morgan does to the story. I'm totally expecting her to be a red herring, but she is Guybrush's counterpart to Elaine's weird obsession with human LeChuck, and like the best soaps, i'm really curious to see how it all unwinds. Perhaps Elaine finally has to prove herself worth Guybrush's time? ;)

    Easily the best thing about episode 2, and the primary reason i'm doubly excited about the next episode. Congrats Telltale, you added a character that changes the rigid MI game plan i was imagining for the series. The wait for ep 3 is currently suckkiiiinnngggg
  • Yeah! Where is episode 3?!?

    Hopefully they add more great characters such as Morgan throughout the series.
  • And to think, most of use were disappointed when it was a new character, and not Carle or Kate Capsize showing up.

    How foolish we were!
  • Fury;187245 said:
    Yeah! Where is episode 3?!?
    Whoa now, slow down! Episode 2 only came out two days ago. Still a ways to wait yet.
  • Fury;187245 said:
    Hopefully they add more great characters such as Morgan throughout the series.
    We've already got three great new characters in Morgan LeFlay, the Marquis DeSinge and Winslow. I'd be quite happy with those three for the rest of the season.

    Anyway. Yay Morgan! Looking forward to working with her in Episode III.
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