Season 1 vs. Season 2 Comparison

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tl;dr: which season did you like more and why?

so a ton of people on these forums hate season 2. I am not one of those people, although I definitely prefer season 1. Mainly because the deaths felt so much more significant. The deaths in season 2 just didn't feel quite the same. it's also because of how much i loved lee and clementine. season 2 clementine just wasn't the same. in s1 clementine was smart, but it was still very clear that she was a child. in s2 she constantly outsmarted all of the adults, which honestly makes no sense. clementine growing up made her lose her novelty as a character. season 1 also had this sort of country feel to it, which may seem insignificant, but it makes a world of difference to me. but that doesn't mean season 1 is a saint; there are plenty of things i don't like. for one, the stranger's story. it just felt sort of weird to me. his motive made sense, sure, but it didn't feel like something any real person would do. I also didn't like jolene's story. nothing about her was every really explained, which annoys the hell out of me! so, what do you guys think? say which season is better and why! :D

DISCLAIMER: I think the reason people dislike season 2 so much is because season 1 was so amazing. It's not that season 2 is bad, it's that season 1 is better. but honestly, they're so different it's hard to judge!

EDIT: I also prefer s1 because of the characters. they felt a ton more real, and they were a lot more likable!


  • I think I liked Season 2 a little better than Season 1. I just thought the characters were a bit more likable, even the "evil" ones. Plus the ending made me cry so that was a bonus. Also the move slightly faster button was added in so yay!

    It's funny how people hate S2 and all of it's flaws, but when you look back on the forums for S1 it is literally the same topics you see now. Seriously go back and look at some of the very oldest topics when the episodes were first released. People complained about bad writing when lying to Hershel didn't matter or how killing Mark was a dumb move since we didn't get to know him that well. I know people reading this still won't effect the complaining, I just thought it was something interesting to point out.

  • I liked Season 1 more.

    Season 2 was still great, but I just found Season 1's story of your goal is to protect Clementine more enjoyable

  • I liked Season 1 way more. Season 2 could have had good aspects but it failed to deliver. Season 1 had more time and effort put into it and felt like a real game

  • It's ironic really and I see it happening with almost every game there is. I am not even wondering why some devs decide to kill off certain game series and start new ones alltogether. I think we should go in reverse. Start with the end of a series of games and play the prequels. I wonder what would happen then.

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    I think I liked Season 2 a little better than Season 1. I just thought the characters were a bit more likable, even the "evil" one

  • Season 1 was flawed in a lot of ways, but very memorable nonetheless, particularly in its ability to make you connect with the Lee-Clementine relationship.

    Season 2 wasn't a complete failure or anything, but it certainly did feel at times as if the writers had no clue where they were going or how to give the new characters any interesting and memorable characterization.

  • The shitstorm you're about to cause.

    I prefer the writing of Season 1, but I enjoy playing both games equally. Season 1's episodes were more consistent in terms of writing and really had our choices matter. Seasons 2 had some shoddy writing in some areas (Amid the Ruins is the biggest example) but for the most part was well written but the choices really didn't matter all that much compared to the first season. Season 1's episodes were longer, which allowed the writers to put in more hubs, mini games, and much more, while Season 2 had to limit those due to shorter episodes. Season 1's characters were also a lot more developed, while some in Season 2, like Sarah, had so much potential but were wasted. However, I enjoyed playing as Clementine more than Lee and I feel more attached to her character than I did at the end of Season 1, the multiple endings create a lot of potential for Season 3, Carver is one of my favorite villains from all of TWD, and I have confidence that, if Nick Breckon returns as head writer, if he's given a better staff of writers (no J.T. Petty) and much more freedom in episode lengths, there's no doubt that Season 3 will be fantastic, just like the first two seasons.

    I love both games, but Season 1 is the better written of the 2, so I'll go with that one, but Season 2 is still a great sequel to the fantastic Season 1. If I had to give a grade, Season 1 is a 9.5/10 and Season 2 is a 9.2/10.

  • I liked Season 2 better imo the only thing better about season 1 was Lilly... And you can throw Lee in there too.

    I also liked how season 2 moved around, I hate staying in one place for what feels like forever.

    And I hated how annoying Clementine was in Season 1.

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