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TMI running slow

posted by sirkixalot on - last edited - Viewed by 434 users
Tales of Monkey Island is running obscenely slow on my computer. I have tried turning down the quality and resolution to the minimums and put the game in windowed mode, but this had no effect. First of all the game takes about 10 minutes to load and once it does the frame rate is so choppy that it is unplayable. I played through the first chapter and it was bearable, but the second chapter has been unplayable. Also, if I play in full screen and alt+tab then it spends about 5-10 minutes as a black screen before it will come back up. I'm not running it on a crappy computer either. My specs: Intel Core2 Duo processor @2.2ghz. 2 GB ram. 384mb mobile intel 965 chipset family. I'm not sure if there's any other significant specs, but the game should not be running this slow. My computer runs every other game fine ex: Sims3, Age of Empires 3, Warcraft 3. My only thought is it has to be an issue with the game itself. Please help.
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  • Well, your graphics chip is very, very slow. Have you tried turning down the graphics quality under options to 1 and/or decreasing the resolution?
  • sirkixalot;186893 said:
    My computer runs every other game fine ex: Sims3, Age of Empires 3, Warcraft 3. My only thought is it has to be an issue with the game itself. Please help.
    Fine graphics in those games.

    Amazing how the techs of Telltale will tell you how bad your computer is for their cheap-ass game. It's always "your computer," "your drivers," and, of course, wiiware made them do it.

    Do what many have found out: Pirate these games. Amatuers do not deserve your money. Hell, I spent a total of 35 dollars to Telltale but thanks to the total of downloads I pirated, I have presently spent just less than 1.2 dollars per game after my downloads. It's still a rip-off but at least it isn't as bad a rip-off.
  • Yes, I've tried playing on the lowest quality and resolution.
  • Sorry for the double post, but my system requirements are well above the minimum ones posted on the Telltale support faq. Launch of the Screaming Narwhal worked alright, but chapter 2 has been unplayable.
  • I've never had a Intel graphics chip, so all I can ask you: do you have the latest drivers installed? What OS and version are you using?

    If I understood correctly, the GM965 should be DirectX 10 capable, so at least feature-wise you should be covered... however it's still pretty slow. Also, I'm not sure if the GM965 actually has any video memory of its own...
  • Ya, everything is up to date, and I'm running on Windows XP.

    It says I have 387 mb of available local video memory. That's well over the minimum specs of 64 mb, so I really don't see how this is a hardware problem.
  • Not directly a hardware problem, it just slows things down again if you're using shared memory (I'm still guessing here, but that's what it sounds like). When you write "64 MB video card", you usually mean 64 MB of dedicated memory.

    But since you also get a lockup during task switches maybe that's not even the worst thing that's causing problems here. Long tasks switches usually mean a faulty driver, but maybe it's another program fighting for control.

    Have you tried disabling some of the programs you run in the background?
    Go to Start/Run and enter msconfig
    Is there anything there that's not vital? Especially under Startup and Services?

    Try the "Hide All Microsoft Services" option to get a better overview. Do you have Steam installed?
  • I don't know whether it's dedicated or shared, but it has six times the minimum available. 128mb is recommended and it has three times that. Chapter one was fine, and I played that on medium quality and resolutions, so are the graphics demands that much higher for Chapter two?

    I have the latest directx and drivers. I checked my background programs, and there's nothing frivolous running, and nothing running that would be using the video card. No I don't have steam.
  • Hmm... then I'm pretty much out of ideas... sometimes broken sound drivers can have a similar effect, but it's a relatively rare problem.

    Maybe your graphics chip is simply that slow... I remember reading that it supports some features only via software emulation... e2 has some more complicated shaders, so maybe it's using some of these. Doesn't really help you though.

    You're probably best off asking the official support... don't forget to send a Start/Run/dxdiag log along.
  • Alright thanks for the help Hans. How do I do an official support report?
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