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Pyrite Parrot

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Of all the years playing MI, I don't think I've ever laughed out as loud as when the wedding ring scene unfolded with the classic 'whose absent minded enough to lose two wedding rings' and then the appearance of the LEGENDARY parrot. If there are more timed appearances murray better watch out!
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  • i hated it when u had to [SPOILER] melt the parrot i loved it sooo much man i was just using random stuff with the barbecue ... when the pirate melted i got upset [/SPOILER]
  • I never liked the parrot. Same silly joke over and over.

    Then Guybrush stared to get annoyed with it. Now I like it.
  • Have they used the phrase "Pyrite Pirate Parrot" yet? Because that's full-word alliteration that you don't see every day
  • *Squaaaaaaak its me Guybrush Threepwood .. Mighty pirate :D
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