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how old are you?

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I'm curious to know how old everyone here was when you started playing adventure games. (And, how old are you now?) I have a hunch that many of the people who post here started with LucasArts games, but I'm curious to find out if that's really true.

Me, I started at around age 10 (I'm now 28). The first game I played was Leisure Suit Larry 1. :)) After that I moved on to King's Quest games. I never even heard of LucasArts until years later (2001 or so) when I started posting on forums. Not sure how I missed those games, because I used to go into software stores all the time to buy Sierra games, but it could be that I was so focused on Sierra that I never looked at what else was on the shelf. [:">]

How about you?
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  • I was 5 or 6 when I somehow found Gobliiins on my first computer and I pretty much guessed my way through half the game and I never finished it (since this was a sierra game I died a lot) and now I'm 16 and I've finally finished it now all I have to do is finish the other two.
  • Saddly, my first adventure game was Escape from Monkey Island in 2000, when I was 8 or 9 I guess.I'm 17 now.
  • I am 33 now but haven't got a clue how old I was when I forst started on Adventure games. the first game I had, which I loved and still hold a flame for, was "Adventure" on the Acorn Electron. It was a text game, "throw axe" "walk east" and 20 years or so later I'm probably still lost in the forest! It was Monkey Island that caught my attention on the PC and really I've only played all of those and a couple of similar Discworld games, back in the day when they were mainly DOS games and then Windows 95! This'll be my first foray into adventure games again for years.. can't wait! I'll have to play fast though as I have a baby on the way and won't have time after December :(
  • 21 now, first adventure game would've been when I was 5 or 6 or so, it was a text adventure game called "Cops" (possibly a Beverley Hills cop, can't remember) on the BBC Micro or some rubbish brit computer. All I remember is my buddy kept calling me a "jive turkey" and a gang throwing dice in a derelict warehouse kept shooting me. Being 6 or so I proceeded to put the game down the toilet to force it to become entertaining. First adventure game I truly fell in love with was Broken Sword when I was 8 or 9 or so, Discworld and Monkey Island followed soon after

    ALso f anyone can help me out, I can confirm that THIS is the theme to the crap Cops game, can't get any more info on it though
  • let's see, i think i was about 10 or maybe 12 when i started playing Monkey Island.. I hardly knew any English but i thought it was fun enough:) I'm 24 now by the way..
  • The first adventure game I ever played was 'The Secret of Monkey Island' back when it first came out, so I guess I've been playing adventure games for about 19 years, I'm 27 now. It's certainly good to be able to go back to my adventure game roots after all this time. Thanks Telltale
  • Kings Quest II when I was 7.

    Then I became a rabid Sierra fanboy for years! (I definitely lean towards LucasArts nowadays, tho.) I'm 32 now.

    Charming side-note...I got Police Quest I for my 8th birthday. Gotta love the things that happen when your mom doesn't understand what she's buying. (That game taught me all about prostitution, how to play 5-card draw poker, etc. Good times.)
  • Commander Keen on my father's office computer. Not even sure when that started. When I was about 8ish maybe? I forgot to mention I'm now 23
  • Just trying to figure out where the community stands, even though it's pretty obvious that almost all members are teens. Could a mod please sticky this?

    13-19 = The World Domination Committee
    20-29 = Attend College, Join Socialist Party, Blog About It On Your $4000 Netbook, Wave Flag of Man Who Murdered Civilians
    30-39 = Where Did All The Years Go?
    40-49 = Pedophiles & Creeps Galore
    50-59 = Back In 'Nam My Squad Was Ambushed By Charlie And...
    60+ = Sent From My (iPhone) Nursing Home
  • I'm 30... I think there are plenty of us late 20's and early 30's here... makes sense being adventure games fans that we would be in that age group.
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