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Treasure hunt

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Normally I don't do this but...
How on earth are you (legitimately) supposed to find extra map pieces? I really don't see how it's possible. Found one on a website somewhere, and another by experimenting with the code thing on the site (for some reason it instantly credited me with the prize for it too...) but it's really not clear how to find more (and I know there are more as there are threads about them)
I've completed all the ones available to me.
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  • I'm assuming you mean episode 1., I haven't checked if 2 has come out yet.

    The totem pole is used for unlocking totems from the Wii version, so you can't get those maps in the PC version. If you enter codes and try them all out though, you can still get the completed map.

    There's a map piece on 2 websites, one in the Teltlale informer and another on some random website.

    But apart from those, that's all the maps I know if, but I believe more were added when Ep2 was released. Just give it some time and read the threads, they're probably hidden all over the internet.
  • right, the maps for the pc version are added to your account by clicking a link somewhere on the web. the first was "hidden" in telltale interloper newsletter from july and the second is hidden on several mi fansites, like or the these two are listed as maps #7 and #8 in the account. #1 should always be there and #2 is added when you claim the prize for #1.
    the maps 3-6 are already included in the wii version.

    p.s.: you should check the treasure hunting thread in the general tales section, you may find some links there.
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