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How does the hint system work?

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Sorry, if there is a topic already, could not find it.

My question as the topics says is, how the hint system works?

I did not change the default settings and did not have the impression that it did do a lot. The only hint i can recall was the controls when beeing trapped by the Doctor...

Other than that I did not notice anything. When I was stuck, with the usage of the first map, I did not get any hint (or notice?) on how to use it properly until i found out with trial and error.

So what excatly does the hint system do?
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  • The higher you set the hint setting, the more often either Guybrush or another character sometimes blabs out some line that is supposed to help you at that moment.
    Those extra lines are separate from the normal dialogue. To see the hint system at work, just set it on max and walk around. You will be getting your hints soon enough.
  • Not true for chapter 2 any more I believe. Instead, now they are incorporated into the normal conversation with characters, to the extent that the characters will now say different things now depending on what level of hints you have it set to.
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    Hmm, will try it out on the first chapter then I guess. I sometimes noticed that Guybrush stated things that were rather obvious to me, but I did not see them as hints, since I already knew what to do or had noticed the stuff already myself.

    Guess i'm turning it off for chapter 2 then.

    Thanks a lot!
  • Jazzy;188015 said:
    Not true for chapter 2 any more I believe.
    really? i gotta try that...
  • Those random extra lines are still there in e102.
    I haven't tested it a lot though. Just turned it from zero to max at one point in the game and sure enough, Guybrush started talking to himself.
  • Guybrush kept saying "i think i should find more stuff to plunder arrrggh" ..which i was kinda getting bored off ..he kept saying it even when i had nearly ended the game and there was no stuff to plunder ... his saying that kinda mislead me and slowed me down figuring what else is there to plunder...guess it was a glitch
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