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Pyrite Parrot

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Of all the years playing MI, I don't think I've ever laughed out as loud as when the wedding ring scene unfolded with the classic 'whose absent minded enough to lose two wedding rings' and then the appearance of the LEGENDARY parrot. If there are more timed appearances murray better watch out!
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  • official pyrite parrot apreciation thread! :D
  • i havto admit the pyrite parrot is damn funny. i hope you get him until the end
  • chapter 4. guybrush gets scurvy
  • balin2k;188177 said:
    chapter 4. guybrush gets scurvy
    we'll all avoid scurvy if we eat an orange
  • Teppic;187612 said:
    I never liked the parrot. Same silly joke over and over.

    Then Guybrush stared to get annoyed with it. Now I like it.
    HAHAHA, so what you're saying is that you just like to make Guybrush's life miserable? I'll admit to becoming fond of the thing after a period of being completely annoyed with it too. Maybe that's just a stage we all have to go through when spending time with a parrot.
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