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"Tales of Monkey Island: Enhanced Version"?

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The Siege of Spinner Cay really surpassed my expectations of what I thought would be capable of making in terms of a new Monkey Island game. I really think the music, the humor and especially the storyline so far stands shoulder to shoulder with some of the best Monkey games. It takes the characters into what I hope is new territory and brings something fresh and unexpected to the series. It's up there in my top 3 right now.

With Telltale wonderfully continuing the story of Monkey Island, I feel that it's a shame how flashy graphics and live-recorded music has been mainly put to use in "Secret of Monkey Island: Special Edition". It feels kind of dissatisfactory when LucasArts, the company with big budgets and money, spend their time on reviving an old game with an old story that already is fantastic, and leaves Telltale with a so-so-budget to move the series forward. Don't get me wrong, I am VERY happy things are going the way they are for Monkey Island, but once all the episodes of Tales have been released, I can't help but feel the game might risk not getting the attention it deserves because of it being somewhat weak in the graphics and musical departement. (Re-use of character models being one of the examples of the side effects of having a low budget and working towards a short deadline)

To me this IS Monkey Island 5. Once with all episodes put together I'm sure it makes for a pretty darn epic story, and when it's packaged and put on shelves in it's collected glory, I want it to stand strong with the other series installments and not age as badly as Escape from Monkey Island did. Siege of Spinner Cay shows already that Telltale is slightly improving their games episode by episode. I'm curious if pherhaps episode one will feel aged by the time the final episode is out.

The first three Monkey Island games always seemed to take big, bold steps into new territory in the graphics and music departement, and I feel this game has a great magical monkey feel that could be even more fantastic with big budget looks and sound. So my question is, once Telltale has finished all the episodes of Tales of Monkey Island, would it be a good thing to make an enchanced version of it with updated graphics, music and overall a more polished version of the game and release it as one whole game? Even if you are happy with Tales as it is, do you think it would be worth it? I dunno how much money and effort would be requierd, but I sure wouldn't mind. What do you think?
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  • By the way, what's "enchanced"? The combination of "enhanced" and "enchanted"? I'll have that then...
  • I can't really care for spelling or accuracy with the relationship between Telltale and LucasArts as long as I got the message accross. I must admit though that everytime I've read "enhanced" on the internet I've thought of it as being pronounced "enchanced". I guess I think it sounds cute.

    Now I love Tales of Monkey Island, but what I'm asking is that if you could, without seeming unappriciative and whiny, have a full blown game exactly like Tales but with higher polygon rate, detailed textures, smoother animation, better composed backdrops, live-recorded music, varied character designs and less glitches, would you be interested? This would probably be more of a project for a console game I suppose. Think of it as ToMI but with the sandards of a top notch Xbox 360 game.

    When playing Siege of Spinner Cay, what really got to me was walking through the jungle and seeing the pirate skeleton leaned next to a tree in the foreground. That kind of composition in enviourments really made me feel like I was playing a Monkey Island game. It reminded me of Purcell and co's background work. But, I also thought about how much even more awesome it would be if it had been a more detailed, big budget game.

    I know alot might be reacting to this as "Oh screw Qwazin, he doesn't appriciate Telltale's hard work on bringing the Monkey Island series back", but I do. I just think what is already great could be even greater, and with Telltale doing such a good job with LucasArt's franchise, I don't think it'd be completely wrong of them to give old Telltale a hand in budgets and crew to pimp this sucker out. I'm just speculating and fantasizing. I by no means think this is a realistic proposition. Just think about it. Wink wink.
  • I surely hope for full translations.. Not for me, I love English voices and would be just fine with Italian subtitles, but all of my friends would just love translated voiceovers too..
  • There were no cracks in the ground or the characters in Ep.2
  • Yes... an enhanced version would be very cool.

    The graphics don't really need an update (exept the background matte could be made tear-free), but the casio-sound of the music would be great if it was updated by real orchestrations.

    I don't like the Monkey Island 5 idea... Tales of Monkey Island IS a great game, but there is a whole demographic behind the choice of name...
    yes, it IS the fifth installment in the series, and I actually see this as a genuine Monkey Island adventure, but they chose this name for a reason.

    I don't know how other telltale games are on DVD, but I would like to see at as just one game on the final DVD... the rest of the Monkey Island games all have chapters, so they would "just" have to stitch them together without cutting anything.
    I would hate to have to install 5 seperate chapters from one DVD.
  • Not regarding the enhanced version, but... honestly, I don't see what's the big deal with "imaginary" Monkey Island 5 and if ToMI is MI5 or not. Mostly because, there is NO Monkey Island 3 or 4, calling Curse and Escape like that is like calling NFS:Porsche Unleashed NFS5 (though, many people do call it like that... dunno...)

    The series' names got themselves into "*something* of Monkey Island", and I wouldn't call that a bad thing. I mean, LucasArts, if it would like, could as well make a NEW Monkey Island game set between Curse and Escape and call it, like, Honeymoon of Monkey Island, therefore transforming MI4 into MI5 (chronologically), and ToMI, into what, MI7? O_O Meh, just messing with your heads :p

    Besides, there is an advantage in NO chronological numbers. I mean, take Devil May Cry series, for example. I do NOT know for sure, but it goes something like "DMC2 is set before DMC1, DMC3 after DMC1 and DMC4 before DMC2". Of course, I don't remember for sure now, but that kinda proves my point that chronological numbers sometimes can be quite useless.
  • It would actually make a whole lot more sense if they would call it something in the line of Curse (which is allready taken, so that one is out of the question).

    allthough Curse does cary the name "Monkey Island 3" in a small circle on the box in most versions, Escape isn't called MI4.

    "The Pox of Monkey Island" could be fitting at the moment, but we still have to see if the pox carry on until the last episode.
    I'm actually pretty satisfied with the name "tales".
  • "The Pox of Monkey Island" could be fitting at the moment, but we still have to see if the pox carry on until the last episode.
    I'm actually pretty satisfied with the name "tales".
    Uhm... what's the point of thinking a fitting name for Tales of Monkey Island if it's already called Tales of Monkey Island?
  • The tought of a more polished version: graphics- and musicwise makes me gleefull!
    Although the music is nicely put together, is does indeed sound too "electronically" to my tasting.
    The little errors in backgrounds and in characters could be ironed out too...
    To me, this is the next monkey island... maybe just because I've been looking forward to it for so long... just like the rest of you I 'spose
  • Farlander;188376 said:
    Uhm... what's the point of thinking a fitting name for Tales of Monkey Island if it's already called Tales of Monkey Island?
    You were talking about the series names.

    If they were to make it into one big game, then taleS could be unfitting, since it would be just one TALE...

    I was just speculating.... kind of the point of this topic.

    It's like asking what the point of this entire topic is, or worse; what the point is in posting in this topic.
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