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The Unoffically Official Morgan LeFlay Appreciation Thread

posted by BobTGoldfish on - last edited - Viewed by 7.8K users
So yeah.

I'm not going to lie. I am a massive fan of this addition to the the Monkeyverse.

So I'm starting up the Morgan LeFlay Appreciation thread for those of us that are of like mind.

I love the dynamic she brings to the game, and the possibilites.

Was The 'Brush joking when he asked her to sail away with him to pillage and plunder? Who knows? all I know is I think it's going to bug a LOT of people for a month!

I also really dub her character design, something a little more overtly sexual about it, that would usually give her the upper hand over most pirates, but it doesn't faze our favorite mighty Pirate.

though am I the only one that noticed in the opening swordfight that Guybrush made NO offensive strikes, instead only parrying and swatting away morgans incoming attacks.. something I thought was pretty chivalrous.

anyway.. let the discussion begin!
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  • nikasaur;188547 said:
    Nothing more romantic than marrying your wife's murderer.

    Wait, What?

    Are you implying Morgan is going to Kill Elaine?

    Yes I know you are responding to the above post. I am just screwing around.
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    TesterNick Telltale Staff
    I posted a couple Wallpapers with Morgan in them if anyone is interested.
  • those are awesome, thanks, TesterNick!
  • Time for some fanart!!!!
    It took me all day to make this. Literally ALL DAY. I wish I could do stuff like this faster.
  • hehe I thought it was bad luck to lick your knife ^^^

    cool pic tho!
  • I've put this in the ch3 speculation thread as well, but how's about:

    A MI musical song!

    The voiceover for Morgan (Nicki Rapp) is a good singer and enjoys using it where she can. I do believe Dominic has done some singy acting in the past too but his arm would have to be twisted. As would Denny Delk's.

    Sorry but the manatee seems a bit empty (even with Murray and maybe Stan there) until/unless De Cava shows up. Remember "Three Sheets to the Wind" from CMI? The episode needed a first half to flesh it out from the insult swordfighting.

    Just a thought.
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    Jake Telltale Alumni
    Duate;187802 said:
    i think it's less guybrush trying to show her the magic, and more that that's just the way he is. he'd not really the type to attack a woman, even if she is trying to gut him.
    I wasn't around for the design of that scene, but my read on it since playing it was more that Guybrush was always on the defense because Morgan was simply better with a sword than Guybrush, but Guybrush could gain the upper hand because, while he's competent enough, he'd for some reason end up combining a bucket of fish with tipping a boat with a seagull with a plank and win that way.
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    Yeah... let's not have a divorce in a Monkey Island game.

    Morgan is pretty great, though. The weird fangirlism and ruthlessness is a fun combo.
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