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Speculation from Lair of the Leviathan to Rise of the Pirate God

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Attention to everyone reading!: This thread contains spoilers, for people who finished Episode 1, and 2. AND, I will not be using spoilers in this thread, you've been warned.
  • Lair of the Leviathan
As you know, the trio on the Narwhal was in the midst of peril, Morgan holding a sword to Winslow's throat, and then.. THE MANATEE! If anyone had guessed this correctly, The Manatee, is the Mouth, if you don't know what that is, then replay Siege of Spinner Cay. How is it the mouth? The Merleader tells us that a path to La Esponja Grande, lies in The Mouth, there is also a map on Cornada De Cava's ratty old Beach Hut, entitled: The Path of the Mouth, and above the map... A singing Manatee named Hugh.
So, as many people guessed, most of the game will be set, in *ahem*... Hugh, and Morgan and Guybrush might be getting closer together, but in the end, the trio gets out, and they'll be back on
Flotsam where the court house is open, and a trial is up....
  • The Trial and Execution of Guybrush Threepwood
Well, I believe that after Lair of the Leviathan, we'll be back on Flotsam, witnessing the trial of Guybrush, and Desinge will do everything he can slam to Guybrush in the cell, bust him out, then get him inside his lab! This Episode will explain the little contest Telltale had, Mr. Glassblower will accuse him of many things, and eventually it will lead to Guybrush's execution, but he won't die! The pox will deffinetly turn him into a horrible Zombie, leaving him alive, and he'll probably steal his hand back, and Winslow and him will sail off into the sunset, Winslow might be infected by now, in this Episode.
  • Rise of the Pirate God
Wild spec in this one, I believe the Pirate God, is... No one, the God of Pirates is probably the pox, after all the pirates have been infected, I believe the pox gains a full body form, turning into the most
horrible and most powerful pirate ever! (LeChuck was trying to do this in Episode 1).

Well, that's the end. Go ahead and reply what you think of my speculations, if you think they're right, or false.
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  • I 'm going to go off the Voodoo lady's trance about Morgan. Based off that I think Morgan will be severely injured and tell Guybrush to go on before dying. This holds water as the voodoo lady screams when in the trance before leaving it. The trance also makes mention of a skull, so I think Murray will appear in chapter 3 and join the crew along with Winslow, Morgan, and Decava.

    LeChuck is revealed to be behind everything. He planned to be turned into a human and spread his evil so that he can control others and use the pox to make Elaine fall in love with him. The flower he gave her was infected with the pox and Elaine breathed it in, allowing it to affect her mental state, but not her body. LeChuck controlled all the poxed pirates and monkeys to do his dirty work in order to appear good to Elaine.

    He manipulated the pirates to attack spinner cay to collect the artifacts. When Guybrush arrived, he altered his plans and had him get them to summon the sponge. His plans were for the sponge to reveal itself so that he could use to gather other voodoo powers, not from the poxed pirates, but from all other voodoo wielding people such as the voodoo lady. He would use it to become a pirate god, but still have an army of poxed pirates under his command, Elaine fully under his control and at his side, and all the seven seas. While Guybrush summons the sponge, LeChuck further tightens his hold on Elaine and makes deals with De singe to kill Guyrbush once he gets what he wants from him.

    Once the sponge is summoned and brought above the ocean, LeChuck and the poxed pirates subdue it while LeChuck arrives on Guybrush's ship with Elaine, now under his complete control, and De Singe. Morgan allows them to capture Guybrush for her gold, but feels horrible. LeChuck explains his whole plan, but then mentions that Guybrush can not be killed because the pox is in his essence. To counter that, LeChuck plans to have De singe extract Guybrush's essence to make his elixir and insure Guybrush will die when the time is right. Morgan goes with De Singe to Flotsam with Guyrbush and Murray, who is in his pocket, as prisoner. LeChuck locks up Winslow and Decava in the brig of his ship and uses the sponge to extract enough power to become a pirate god. He takes the sponge and his entire fleet of ships to the Rock of Gelato, as it's the prefect place to extract all the power from the Caribbean and that site and conquer all the seas.

    On Flotsam, De Singe reattaches Guybrush's hand, extracts Guybrush's essence, ridding him of the pox, prefects his elixir, and gives Guybrush over to the court house where a trial and execution is set up. Morgan interferes and sacrifices her life to save Guybrush. Guybrush tries to save her but Murray will tell him to go on with his journey. Morgan will say that the skull is right and that there is no escaping his fate before dying. Guybrush is infuriated and attacks De Singe who gets gravely injured by one of his weird scientific experiments in his lab. In a last ditch effort before dying, the doctor drinks his own elixir and becomes an undead monster.

    Guybrush flees and, with the help of the voodoo lady, who goes with him to find Decava, catches up to LeChuck back at the rock of gelato. He frees Winslow and Decava from LeChuck's brig and they help him free the sponge. The sponge gives the power to counteract LeChucks' by making Guybrush another god. De Singe appears and joins in the battle, aiding LeChuck's pirates. After Guybrush defeats LeChuck, the sponge takes away both their god forms and sucks up all of the pox from everyone, including De Singe. This makes all the poxed pirates return to regular, non evil, grog swinging pirates.

    De Singe dies as a result, the pox is put back into LeChuck who is infuriated, and Elaine is returned back to normal. The voodoo lady gives Guybrush the sword from chapter one and Guybrush and LeChuck go into an epic sword fight. Through a very clever series of events, Guybrush stabs the sword into LeChuck and destroys him. LeChuck's corpse is destroyed and his voodoo essence is sucked into the sword, trapped in an eternal limbo. Decava and the voodoo lady start anew and Guybrush and Elaine sail off to the open sea with their new crew of Winslow and Murray. The last scene is Guybrush giving Elaine back her wedding ring.
  • Cut back to the cutlass and it reveals a grinning, perhaps even evilly laughing LeChuck in its reflection.
  • GaryCXJk;188628 said:
    Cut back to the cutlass and it reveals a grinning, perhaps even evilly laughing LeChuck in its reflection.
    Oh, nice touch.
  • I personally hope Meathook turns up. Him and Guybrush could trade tips about [Spoiler]their hooks[/Spoiler]. Maybe Guybrush could get a talking tattoo as well?
    Oh, and an eyepatch!
    And Meathook could keep Guybrush's parrot! :p
  • Even if they won't meet, I'm still waiting for a Meathook reference... I was disappointed there wasn't any in Chapter 2... I mean, come on, Guybrush got a hook, for crying out loud! How he could not remember Meathook when seeing every skull he remembers Murray?
  • splash1;188453 said:
    • Rise of the Pirate God
    Wild spec in this one, I believe the Pirate God, is... No one, the God of Pirates is probably the pox, after all the pirates have been infected, I believe the pox gains a full body form, turning into the most
    horrible and most powerful pirate ever! (LeChuck was trying to do this in Episode 1).
    I was right with you up until that last bullet point. Totally agree on the first two though. They sound right in line with where the story has been going so far. But I really can't see the whole Pox God thing happening. My guess is Guybrush starts some kind of mythology to get ahead somehow or to gain authority. Can't you see Guybrush Threepwood, Head Priest of the Order of the Pirate God?
  • Razoky;189073 said:
    There's bound to be some kind of misunderstanding whilst Elaine is away. At least, I'd like to think Telltale is developing the characters like that.
    Of course, after all, he did tell Elaine, Morgan was a boy, not a girl. So Elaine might jump too a conclusion, she'll yell at Guybrush, and she'll stomp off in a fowl temper, leaving Guybrush to yell into the distance telling Elaine: "You're over-reacting!"
  • Guybrush cuts his way out of the giant manatee with his trusty sword. This manatee turns out to be an endangered species and Guybrush lands in serious trouble and is imprisoned after failing to defend himself successfully in a trial, due to be executed the next morning. As for the pirate god thing, dunno... we'll just have to wait and see!
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