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15 items in the inventory!

posted by Amaterasu on - last edited - Viewed by 359 users
At one point in chapter 2, I just stopped and counted my inventory...
There were 15 items in it! It was full!
Actually i'm really glad.
During the Sam & Max chapters I asked here for more items in the inventory. In some chapters of other TellTale games there were like 5-7 items in the whole chapter!
I think the inventory really makes the game more rich and fun, and makes the puzzles a lot more interesting.

Also, I noticed that for the first time I can actually THINK in an adventure game. In most adventure games I usually try items on random stuff and hope for a "weird" solution.

So thank you TellTale! A big inventory and some logic with the puzzles really makes this game the best so far.

That is my opinion.
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