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Masterlist of fan adventure games worth playing

posted by Novotnus on - last edited - Viewed by 528 users
While waiting for another MI episode, maybe you can recommed some high quality fanmade adventure games?

Here are few I liked or I'm waiting to be released:

1. Out of Order - Game's site + download
Funny, surrealistic game with suprising ending. For plot details - visit the site.

2. Trader of Stories - Author's blog and Demo download - that's the one I'm really waiting for, as it's made by fellow Polish man (but it's in English). It tells a story of a woman who's collecting tales looking for the story of herself. Worth checking.

3. Probably well-known Indiana Jones and Fountain of Youth

4. First episodic attempt on Monkey Island - fanmade remake of MI2: LCR - Download. Funny and challenging. Only minor complains are graphics and controls.

I'll post some more later if cross anything worth playing or checking progress.
Got other good fan adventures?
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