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Script error when starting either S+M episode

posted by Paine on - last edited - Viewed by 550 users
Whenever I try to launch either episode of Sam and Max, I get an Internet Explorer Script Error. One of those error boxes that asks you if you want to continue running scripts on this page. However, no matter how many times I click yes or no, there's always another error box behind it.

I can't click out of the error box. I can see that the window behind it has the episode title, a large button that ends in "ME!", and some links to the Telltale website, but any time I try to click on it, the error box flashes and I get the usual "boop" you-can't-do-that sound.
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    Jake Telltale Alumni
    Any chance you have JavaScript disabled in Internet Explorer? Those launch screen things require more or less the default settings for IE in regards to JavaScript and other security access type things.
  • Ok, I managed to workaround by going into IE and disabling the function that warns you when a script is bad. Hopefully whatever bug it was detecting isn't too bad...but at least I'm playing the game now.
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