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Scumm VM news

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Just thought I'd pass this along to my fellow adventure gamers.
It made slashdot today..

As regular ScummVM web-viewers may have noticed already, we have removed the Paypal button from our site and are no longer accepting donations. Paypal has informed us that all software capable of playing a game on a 'system it was not sold for' is in violation of their Acceptable Usage Policy.

(As a simple example of stupidity, the Paypal games AUP makes the Apple Intel Mac illegal, as the Intel Mac can via emulation run games originally designed for the PowerPC Mac - a completely incompatible hardware platform. Of course, I don't expect to see these vanishing from ebay any time soon...)

Please feel free to e-mail and express your disappointment at their policies... Which make absolutely no sense for a project like ScummVM, which is often actively assisted by the original game developers and studios. :)

We are investigating alternatives for a donation system, if any of our users have suggestions of reliable and open-source friendly systems please post in this thread.
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