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Disappearing unbreakable bottle: Glitch or puzzle?

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So... I had the unbreakable bottle, which I shot out of my ship's cannon (hey, why not, right?). I went back to the glassblower's, and had the argument over the unbreakable bottle breaker. At that point, I had the unbreakable bottle in my inventory (as witnessed by showing it to the glassblower).

I went back to the ship, fired the cannon again, zipped back down to the glassblower's, and while he was gone, stole the unbreakable bottle breaker.

And then... The unbreakable bottle was suddenly missing from my inventory.

Is this supposed to happen?

I have a few saved games, so if this is a glitch, I could go back -- but what a pain in the monkey glands that would be, especially as (*ahem!* are you listening, Telltale Team?) there's no way to skip cutscenes. I wouldn't mind running through the puzzles I've already done, but waiting through all the dialogue... I could grow a beard and have grandchildren by the time they're all finished.

If this is a glitch, and I have to start from several scenes earlier, this is going to put a big damper on my enjoyment. (Well, that's not your problem, fellow players -- but TTG really should provide for a cutscene skip. I don't have half the patience/tenacity I did to endure the interminable swordfight/insult trial of MI1. I'm a hecka lot older now, ya know -- life is getting shorter!)

Has anyone else lost his/her unbreakable bottle? Is this normal? Should I expect to find it somewhere (where?), or give up and go back to near-square one? (Which, frankly, I don't think I want to do. If that's the case, I'll probably shelve ToMI for a year or so until it's fresh to me and playable again from the first scene.)
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