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Sam & Max Disappearing mouse cursor / game lockup bug?

posted by mech on - last edited - Viewed by 866 users
Was just playing Episode 2 for the first time, went to the TV Station, then to Bosco's - while in Bosco's, had the cinema play which meant I should leave the store (trying to avoid spoilers here), clicked on the door to leave, and my cursor disappeared! No buttons worked except for Alt-F4, so I couldn't save my game. Weird thing is the graphics kept moving as per normal (but I think Max stopped moving, he was off-screen and didn't come back) and the sound kept playing.

Anyone else seen this? Do the devs know about it?

There goes 15 minutes of my life! :P
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  • Yeah, the exact same thing happened to me. I hate to hit "ctr + alt + delete" and shut down the game. I saved right after I enetered the store next time and was able to exit the door.

    Bosco told me to "Tally Ho, fool!" but I couldn't Tally or Ho. :eek:
  • I've got the same problem you describe.
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    It will help to post about this in the Support forum because the people that can help you don't always get up into the Sam&Max forum and may miss this. :)
  • This is the same problem described in this thread. It seems to be related to the order you do things in, but we haven't tracked down exactly what triggers it (if anyone knows, please tell us!)

    In the meantime, there's a workaround suggested in that thread that might help you.
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