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Wii Friend Codes

posted by Haggis on - last edited - Viewed by 2.8K users
So, there are a few Wii fans here, and I imagine some of you already own a Wii. How about exchanging some friend codes among us Telltalanians? I'll start: my code is 2854 3282 0627 4463. Please add me, and share your Friend Codes so we can take this community to the next level! :D
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  • My Wii number is 4248 4422 1061 1131. I can think of a lot worse ideas than sharing one's wii id with adventure gamers :) .Id prefer to be called GloKidd, but if you insist on naming me something else try to make it someting cool like"Voodoo Bob" or something :D .
  • I just added Haggis, Tabacco, Max, Udvarnoky and Wald F
  • My Wii number is 0815 8316 3513 6226.

    Has anyone tried to make a Bone or Sam & Max Mii yet? I've seen a few non-human Mii's in the parade, such as Chewbacca and Pac-Man (if Pac-Man had a body, that is).
  • Hi all, here's mine :)

    6330 9861 2077 7704

    My nick is (should be) GozzoMan and I'm portrayed by the wandering Mii with the same name ;)

    I've just added Haggis, tabacco, Maxwaver, Udvarnoky, Wald, glo_kidd and mhaley.
  • I added you too, GozzoMan. I also added Haggis, Tabacco, Max, Udvarnoky, Wald F, and GloKidd.
  • I've added Gozzoman and mhaley.
  • Sorry for unearthing this thread after so many months, but I just got a Wii last week!!! I've just added Haggis, tabacco, Max, Udvarnoky, Wald, glo_kidd and mhaley, and GozzoMan to my wii.

    Will you guys please add me? Hopefully, you are still reading this forum.



    Any other telltalers out there with a wii?
  • Friend codes... *shakes head* One of the few things I disagree with Nintendo about.
    Oh well! If anyone wants my friend code for a game, I will happily give it out. :)
  • k someone needs to get this in list form. Guess I'll do it for once. :) (requested nicknames, if different from user name, in paraentheses after code)

    Haggis 2854 3282 0627 4463
    Tobacco 0879 6067 6565 3707
    Maxweaver 4425 0507 2889 8112 (Max)
    Udvarnoky 3842 2900 0398 0240
    Waldflieger 0140 7352 5383 1371 (Wald F)
    Glo_kidd 4248 4422 1061 1131 (GloKidd or something cool, like VoodooBob or something ;))
    Mhaley 0815 8316 3513 6226
    GozzoMan 6330 9861 2077 7704
    Steve2000 7146 6016 1828 0183

    I have a wii too, but forget my code atm. Will add it later. Will also update mine w/ all your codes later.
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