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  • Animation or CG I don't care. Stop motion would be cool but no one is willing to make a stop motion film.
  • Stop motion might be interesting (although pointed out before... not new at all).
  • This may not go well.

    Do you peoples remember when Nickelodeon tried to make a Bone movie? HA!!! Britney Spears is not good for a teen-action movie...
  • Limenut;57792 said:
    So Mr Smith is thinking of doing it 2D?!? No-one here had even suggested that, but thinking about it, I suppose it's not a bad idea. I'd prefer 3D, but that may be exposure to telltale...
    Wow, this just popped an idea into my head!

    So, animation is best. I would love stop motion, but I highly doubt it.
    Molokov;92567 said:
    The stuff they're using to make Coraline, maybe?
    Firstly, I loved that movie. Which is why I know that it took SEVEN YEARS to make. I doubt that WB would take seven+ years to make a movie. Henry Selick would, but only because he loves stop motion. 2D animation would rock, and CG comes last. It's what I expect WB to due, because it's cheap and fast.

    But, I think the movie should be done in 3D! But none of that red-and-blue stuff. RealD 3D ONLY! Or maybe glasses-less 3D, like in Avatar...

    The Great Cow Race would flourish (If they made a sequel or if it was all squished into one movie) and Ted the Bug's antennae would fly out at'cha, etc.! Not to mention how cool everyone thinks 3D is, and that would get more people to see it without knowing what it is because it's 3D. This would make the movie more money, and we just might get a sequel! Unfortunately, 2D animation wouldn't work with 3D.

    Whadda you guys think? Bone in 3D? No? Yes? Maybe?
  • It would be great if it were 3D! :D Please make it 3D! I also want the film to go out into the movie theaters! I'm a big fan of bone, and it would be great if the film will be 3D, and it would be great if it was about 1 hour! So good luck with the film.
  • It would be great if it will be done in 3D.
  • AW MAN! I WOULD LOOOOOVE TO SEE AN ANIMATED BONE MOVIE! But if Warner Bros. ruins this opportunity, Jeff Smith will be dead to me just like that. Like i would literally throw all my bone books out my window. I'm not joking. I will. Anyway, i hope it's the right humor involved with some uptight action. I just hope i will not have to somehow sue Warner Bros. for this.......Will i?
  • this movie sounds promising. And since I don't know much about Bone then if they screw it up I won't notice...
  • I just hope its 2-D animated, to make it feel like the comics. I personally think 3D couldn't do justice for Bone getting a movie.
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