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ToMI Steam Version - Error 51

posted by Sea on - last edited - Viewed by 1.5K users
The game absolutely will not run for me. I bought the series through Steam, and I get an error code 51. When I try to run the game manually, I get "Application Load Error: 3:0000065432" Steam support hasn't been helpful, and I've updated my video, sound and network drivers, update DX and .NET, and started to sacrifice small rodents.

Any hints on my problem?
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  • You've tried pretty much everything I would try and I'm pretty much out of ideas... especially since that error messages is so damn informative.

    If you want you can post a dxdiag log (start/run/dxdiag/save all info)... but I'm not sure it will help.
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    I know... I'm about to just order it through my Wii, yell at Valve for my money back and give up.
  • Well, you should definitely yell at Valve. At least they could tell you what that error message means in general.
  • Honestly, I would suggest contacting Steam. I don't know enough about their system, and there may be some esoteric detail to the error that we just don't know about here. Although do let us know what they say, because I'm curious.
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    Oh.. I've been talking to their support for four days now. They've been no help.

    Does anyone know if the Wii version works better?
  • In that case, could you tell us what they told you? We may be able to gleam enough information from that to figure out what's going on.
  • The Wii version has its own set of issues... mainly framerate and audio quality. Can you yell at them loud enough to give you back your money, so you can try the TTG version? You should ask one of the officials in advance, but I'm pretty sure you can get a money back guarantee for the TTG version if it doesn't work.
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    DjNDB Moderator
    I don't know if that helps, but if you are of the experimental type, you could try adapting this solution to your problem.
    I think the manually deleting files part is something not everyone would normally try.
  • In the gamestar-board someone had crashes too and solved them by disabeling his anti-virus software...
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    Well, I don't run anti-virus, so that's no good.

    Anyway, I got it to work. How you might ask? Well, I bought the game from TellTale. HA! Now, I'm going after Valve for my money back on their version. Seems it was Steam that was messing everything up.

    So I've already beaten the game (it's not hard enough!). Now to just wait until Episode three.
    Thanks everyone for your attempts.
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