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Who's your favourite Adventure sidekick (& why)?

posted by jp-30 on - last edited - Viewed by 1.5K users

Who's it gonna be?

The gorgeous and feisty Elane Marley?
The manic, unpredictable, hyperkinetic rabbity thing, Max?
Slothful roadie Hoagie / bug eyed med-student Laverne?
Cute assed but somewhat airheaded Sophia Hapgood?
Inexplicably loved but totally useless skull Murray?
Or like me, is your favourite the loveable big orange monster Glottis?

Or, heaven forbid, does your Oscar for best supporting role in an Adventure Videogame actually go to someone from a non-LucasArts game?

Let us know...
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    Stupid spike... i never managed to find all the tools i needed and got stuck at that point >.<

    Anyway, my favourite is the "demonic little imp" Max :)
  • Stupid spike... i never managed to find all the tools i needed and got stuck at that point >.<</div>
    But Spike could be used as a tool, also. I mean, he spit acid! That's so useful! I wish I could do that!!! No jail could ever hold me! ;)

    But... there's nothing wrong with Max, either. I'm just being different. :D
  • Heres my top ten>>>>

    Joey(beneath a steel sky)
    Sophia Halfgood

    I'm not sure about all the spelling. Why Hoagie? I don't know, I just like him.
    Hee hee. Interesting spelling of Sophia's last name. Although incorrect, I would definitely agree with the (un)intended message. She was WORTHLESS. Her voice alone always led me to choose the WITS or FISTS path in that game.
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    Oooh! Oooooh! Max Max Max!!

    Glottis was kind fun though tooo....
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    Joey(beneath a steel sky)
    was also fun B-)
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    Glottis Glottis Glottis!! :D
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    mine is either Murry or glottis.
    i would say max but he wasn't realy a side kick. Sam and max were both equal in my eyes so they cant realy be sidekicks.
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    Jennifer Moderator
    Sorry to resurrect this old thread, but I thought it would be fun to see people's opinions on this today. :)

    My favorite modern sidekick is Reginald Van Winslow (and I'm sure a lot of people here would agree. :D

  • Wow, 6 years old.

    Wow, Telltale Games has been around since I was 11 at least.

    Anyway, my answer is Max, because of his delightfully offbeat comments on everything.
  • ....After 6 years, you'd think it'd be fair to start a new thread.

    As for my favorite sidekick? B-19-7, easily.
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