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Who is your favorite villain in Monkey Island

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Since we've had a lot of polls for Guybrush's crew and so forth, I'd figure we should have one for the villain. Vote and explain why you picked this villain.
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  • i have a hunch morgan is gonna win by a landslide ...only a hunch ..lets see if i am proven wrong....
  • LeChuck 4 ever ^^ he is the personification of evil
  • Aise;192249 said:
    Who's Bob?
    detachable head skeleton that is lechuck's crew member from SOMI
  • Oh, right! Well.. I don't think he's such a villain.. Murray is much more!
  • LeChuck is THE villain, so I can't consider him in this vote. So it goes again to de Singe (see favorite secondary character poll), but some sympathy points also go to Ozzie. Of course everyone piles hate on EMI and all the characters there, but he actually had a motive, apart from the whole amusement park thing. He just genuinely hated pirates and all things piratey, and that came across rather convincing. Won't root for his comeback though.
  • Aise;192258 said:
    Oh, right! Well.. I don't think he's such a villain.. Murray is much more!
    i agree that bob isnt a villain...but hes still freakin awesome and really underappreciated
  • Well, while LeChuck is important part of Monkey Island series, he is not enough cool to be TOP 1 villain in Monkey Island. Hard Competition goes with between Morgan LeFlay and Captain Rottingham. Both are very cool, but Captain Rottingham was one of the most memorable maincharacters (another one is of course Murray) in Curse of Monkey Island, so he wins.
  • I was on the fence of including Murray, but we all have to face the fact that Murray is simply not a villain. He may try to be, but he's not. He's helpful, gives information, is friendly at the bottom of it all, and just has never done anything that villainous. True he once served LeChuck, but he had no choice as LeChuck murdered him and reanimated him. Murray is an awesome character, but he's no villain.
  • LeChuck, followed by a tie between Largo LeGrande and Marquis DeSinge.
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