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When will the episodes get longer?

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Episode 1: 7.7

The Bad: Limited inventory makes puzzle-solving pretty easy; short and easy enough that you might not want to replay it; car bomb is not included.

Episode 2: 7.4

The Bad: Feels even shorter than the previous episode.

Episode 3: 7.1

Sam & Max's third episode feels shorter than the previous two, and at least part of that is due to so many of the environments being recycled from previous episodes.

The Good: Great voices that deliver funny dialogue; quality puzzle design.
The Bad: You've seen the store, the office, the street, and Sybil's place before.

Guys, I haven't had my hands on the 3rd episode yet (have to wait to feb 7) but I'm really starting to get worried here... It gets shorter and shorter?

I really liked ep2 but I can't help but thinking it could have much more and complicated puzzles in them! the setting was really cool!
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  • Notice that the reviews say that it FEELS shorter.

    The first two were kind of short becuase of how easy most of the puzzles were. For us non-logic thinkers like myself, those episodes can feel long if we can't figure out a simple puzzle like how to get Max's head back or how to set up Philo so Max can say his line. Those puzzles kept me from completing their respective episodes for a good while.
  • Zeek;19229 said:
    Notice that the reviews say that it FEELS shorter.

    For us non-logic thinkers like myself,
    Since when is Sam & Max about logic? ;)

    I don't know how I feel about the length of the episodes. As I'm European, I haven't had the chance to try out the third episode yet, but even though the two first episodes were rather short, I really didn't mind. Sure, I wouldn't complain if the episodes were a bit more comprehensive, but I don't feel that the games have been too short so far.
  • I didn't find that episode 3 was shorter than episode 2, but maybe that's just me.

    Something to keep in mind here is that these games come out every month and I think there's a point where you can start sacrificing quality for length, which is not a good trade-off. I don't think many will argue that, as short as the games may be, what's there is of very high quality. I mean look at the animation for God's sake. Locations and characters are reused, but at least they're done so in creative ways, and it's not like we didn't know that was going to be the case.
  • I really hope the following eps will be as meaty as ep1, and not as short as the second. I havent played the third yet, but i assume it wont be as long as 1 by far.
  • People keep saying episode 2 is shorter than episode 1, but they took me about the same time to finish. But reviews are always going to complain about the length of the game, most reviewers (and a lot of players) still seem to have this idea that games are "supposed" to be of a certain length, irrelevant of price or intent. If someone would make a really good 1-hour game for $3 there'd still be people saying "it's too short really".
  • Well I don't know about you guys, but if I haven't bought any episodes because I want to wait till season 1 is complete, and check the reviews of the individual episodes, this is not the line the grades should be going. It's because I already bought the season 1 package, but if it gets shorter and shorter I will wait when season 2 is complete before buying it, instead of buying it when the first episode comes out.

    It's just that these grades don't show good now for the long term, that's all.
  • Udvarnoky;19243 said:
    I mean look at the animation for God's sake. Locations and characters are reused, but at least they're done so in creative ways, and it's not like we didn't know that was going to be the case.
    That is true. I haven't been able to play episode 3 yet, but even in episode 2, both Sybil and Bosco were pretty different from episode 1.
  • Why do people always focus on the bad?

  • I just played Prince of Persia on the PS2.
    I'd never played sands of time before, only the 2 sequals.

    It took 9 hours or 3-4 Sam & Max Episodes.

    Funny I've never heard anyone complain about the length of Prince of Persia
  • Actually, most of the reviews were complaining about the lenght of prince of persia, but anyway.

    Just make the game harder would make sam and max longer enough, but I understand it is pretty hard to judge the difficulty of a game like this.

    But, on the other hand, if you look at a game like Hit the Road, the difficulty was SO high, and that was one thing that the fans liked about it (ok, I liked that about it), so I wouldn't mind a game REALLY hard, you know.

    I imagine I'm alone loving game hard like this.
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