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a developer i was ment to be

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Hello all,

I realy am astonished by these very nice adventures telltale has brought out
so far. This inspired me so much that i finaly want to become a
gamedeveloper myself. I have this interest for a very long time now,
but I of course other stuff was much more important. I started to
code over and over again and was not bad at it at all, but there
were allways much more important things to do.
So finaly i have sorted my life and now realy can start with it.

To be honest, i realy am very very dissapointed with the games out
there, most of them deal with undigested second worldwar issues.
Such endless masses of games i see in the shelves, or read about in the internet deal with being a soldier of some kind, commanding fleets of another kind,
racing and slaughtering through all imaginable forms of the concrete
jungle. Maaaan, what the hell. Hell is everywere in the story of this games,
even in Sam and Max, at least there is no shooting; only throughing

As freud said, you can not fool your inner Child. So i realy do not have
any interest in helping to bring out another starwars, with cubelooking
vehicles, or designing another weapon for another of this ego-shooters.

But ..
when a friend of mine came around three days ago and talked with me
about an adventure he liked very much, we googled it up. It was
produced by a german publisher called house of tales. That immediatly
remembered me of something simmilar, and i checked back here.

What did my eyes see, Guy and Elaine, what the ...
Something inside me made a jump to the ceiling, something inside
me that lay dormand curled together in the last corner of my heart
like a beaten up dog just jumped out of my throat and i was paralized.

All the hated halos, dooms, medalsofhonour etc. were repelled at once.
I felt as if i woke from a twenty year long sleep. Something went
back inside me, and for three days now i feel different.
I feel smarter, more aggressive, i feel like i could finaly fullfill
my dream and become a gamedeveloper after all.

This is like a current of prana, that runs through me from the bottom
to the top. It gives me realy extremely much energy.
I am ready, finaly. Finaly my inner spirits start to sing.

So, i have not the slightest experience in this business, so i make
a plan right now what has to be learned and trained. For the start
i got an pentium opcode table and bit my way a quarter through it.

I roughly understand how this stuff works, the shifting rotating moving,
the adding multiplying, the addressing etc. Meanwhile i thought about
what is important next. First of all i presume it is to deal with the
computer memory and the harddisk. So i need to learn how arrays have
to be administrated in the computermemory and how threading works.

How differs the harddiskspace to chipmemory, that are questions that
will keep me busy for the next three hours. But thats of course only
the workersant job. A developer knows about the finances, he
is able to work with meshes, visual effects, skins etc. and hopefully
he can bring up good stories and has an artistic vein.

So here i stand ready to take on your world!
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  • First i will load my one gallon bong with finest virginia and take a deep
    breath from that for the next half minute. (ok doin' that) wooah
    Wow, thats the spirit , not like the other that need marijuanah for that.
    Maaan my entire body tingles and my head becomes cold and full of focus.
    Ok, the next steps i will take are:
    First I will make a masterplan on the desktop of my just reinstalled
    full functional Os, and second I will just open a scene of full throttle
    with scummvm. (gimme a break). Sigh, that are the energies i need.
    I need to think about another elementary problem, before i can proceed.
    I post right back after i solved that issue, sorry.
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    DjNDB Moderator
    Do you have any experience with high-level programming languages too?
  • Sure i started with that three years after draft. I started to learn
    directx 7.0. But my life was turmoiling to much to realy produce
    something usefull. I am eager to learn about C# by the way.
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    DjNDB Moderator
    How well do you know the concept of object oriented programming?
  • classes and members make the project much easier to overlook.
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    DjNDB Moderator
    roumeaz;192375 said:
    classes and members make the project much easier to overlook.
    Are you comfortable with inheritance, polymorphism, design patterns?
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    DjNDB Moderator
    That doesn't sound too bad :)
    Have you tried developing any kind of games already?
  • Lol, not realy. Before draft i was into assembler and was able to rotate and move a vectorcircle, like that arrow of the doommap. I build my own gradient
    table for that. That realy was fun.
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    DjNDB Moderator
    roumeaz;192387 said:
    Lol, not realy. Before draft i was into assembler and was able to rotate and move a vectorcircle, like that arrow of the doommap. I build my own gradient
    table for that. That realy was fun.
    Assembler sure is fun. I never did much though. My only complex project was a DCF-77 receiver/decoder on an 8051 processor. A radio controlled clock in other words. Processing the analog radio signal was a fun experience.

    I always had an interest in programming embedded devices, but i rarely went into that direction.
    My Bachelor thesis however was a fun project in that matter. I developed a prototype for Loewe - The TV Manufacturer.
    Basically it was a set of UPNP/AV devices I implemented, in other terms a distributed system for streaming media via ethernet from media servers to a TV set, while controlling playback and browsing files on the TV or e.g. a PC via a cross-platform Qt application.

    An awesome thing, I wish i could have taken it home with me ^^
    I guess we'll never see anything like it on the market though.
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