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Who is your favorite villain in Monkey Island

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Since we've had a lot of polls for Guybrush's crew and so forth, I'd figure we should have one for the villain. Vote and explain why you picked this villain.
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  • Pegnose Pete. I wish they gave him a bigger role in EMI. He had potential.
  • Wow, I never realized just how hated Ozzie is. I mean, I knew that a lot of people hated him, but I didn't think it was that extreme. While I didn't appreciate Ozzie taking LeChuck's spotlight, I thought he was a decent villain. He had warped values, no concern for human life (and animal life apparently), broke many laws, made deals with the worst of the worst, and did it all for money and power. Pretty villainous for me, but I think a lot of his lines threw a lot of people off his fan wagon.

    I have to go with LeChuck as my favorite villain. Not just because he is one of the most evil villains I have ever seen, but also because him and Guybrush are mirror images of each other. Both love treasure and want love from the same woman, both have become pirates to be well known, both like to be feared, and both have no common sense in the slightest. LeChuck is far more evil and sadistic than Guybrush, but both have many similarities making their battle something that cannot be compared with other villains.

    I think LeChuck may, very deep in his heart, have gained a slight respect for Guybrush for proving to be such a high threat and more than just a mere annoyance. I mean at the end of Curse, LeChuck seemed to actually enjoy Guybrush's company. Yeah, I know he partly did it to gloat, but he seemed to go an extra mile and talked to Guybrush like an old associate. Well, that was my reaction to that whole long discussion of LeChuck's various murders and schemes.
  • darknessofheart,

    I just hated that whole game. The writers wanted the commercialization thing to be a witty joke, but it completely killed the pirate adventure theme.
  • brian.shapiro;192513 said:

    I just hated that whole game. The writers wanted the commercialization thing to be a witty joke, but it completely killed the pirate adventure theme.
    Yeah, I understand that. I actually didn't mind the atmosphere that much and there were a lot of moments where I laughed out loud. I also found the story structure to be very clever and some of plot lines, like clearing your name, very appealing. They did go a little too far with the whole tourist attraction aspect, but they tried something new, it didn't work, and they haven't done it since. It was an honest mistake and it wasn't enough for me to hate the whole game. I thought there were a lot of good aspects that outweighed the bad ones. I can understand your point perfectly though, it was defiantly not a pirate esq game.
  • Had to pick LeChuck, of course.

    Considering so many people like him, it seems near impossible for people to spell LaGrande right.
  • I just hated that whole game. The writers wanted the commercialization thing to be a witty joke, but it completely killed the pirate adventure theme.
    As far as I see it, the only real pirate adventure themed MI games are MI2 and, to some extent, ToMI (if Chapter 2 stuff will be developed further). All other MI games were more like farce on pirate adventure theme. Not that I don't like them, I love the series, but... let's face it, SoMI is not all that piratey. Guybrush did some misdoings, yes, but it's more like a romantic adventure, and all the pirate stuff that is in there: the three trials, pirates not going out to sea, insult swordfighting, it's all pretty much absurd. MI3 - an island full of ex-pirates playing in theater, working as singing barbers and cooking chicken, an island with a hotel resort, and a damn carnival as some kind of evil pirate scheme (I actually liked how Murray said, in EfMI, that LeChuck probably was embarassed by an evil plot based on rollercoasters, it was pretty ironic), and in MI4 we have a swashbuckling adventure to meet Guybrush's wife lawyers, which even in-game Guybrush thinks is kinda absurd, and a tourist commercionalist from Australia. MI games are mostly making fun of pirate adventures, not are pirate adventures themselves (but MI2 was very much piratey, we'll see about ToMI when the season shall end). Maybe MI4 did go slightly too far, I still enjoyed it and don't see it's atmosphere so different from other MI games. Just my two pieces of eight.
  • I picked LeChuck. The only reason I didn't vote for Morgan is because I think of her as an anti-hero, not a villain.
  • LeChuck... Do I have to state the obvious? ;(
  • LeChuck! For all of his unrewarded hard work!
  • Actually i might be wrong, but when i hear or read "villain", i always understand it as "main bad guy".
    So, with the exception of mandrill in MI4, and possibly some tales character when we know the whole story, there's only LeChuck.
    Now i'm not trying to nitpick on the thread's title, just wondering if my definition of "villain" is right, or if it actually only means "eveil characters" in general ?
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