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Question regarding Episode 2 on WiiWare

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To anyone who's downloaded it for WiiWare, how's the frame-rate?
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  • dont mind i just like to answer every post.. well goto youtube and try searching for gameplay videos made by users for wiiware .if u dont get satisfying answers here. tho i havent seen tomi on wii but i have a hunch the frame rate will be better on wiiiiiiware..
  • Problem is, you can't get a good sens of frame-rate by watching a YouTube video, as YouTube videos have a lower framerate anyway.
  • try reading reviews on because sometimes u dont get satisfying or decision making clues here ..everyone has their own opinion (just trying to helpo) or if ur internet is like supersonic watch uuuutube in HD .. pause it go do stuff till it buffers all up for ultimate youtube experiance
  • WedgeWalker;192229 said:
    To anyone who's downloaded it for WiiWare, how's the frame-rate?
    I'm also very interested in hearing how it compares to ep1.

    Anybody take the plunge yet?
  • IGN said:
    Again, the WiiWare version of The Siege of Spinner Cay doesn't run as well as its PC counterpart. The framerate is herky jerky, distracting the player by stuttering every few seconds. You want to be sucked into a videogame -- especially an adventure game like this -- and these visual hiccups make it difficult to be swept up in the experience. The graphics are much less crisp, and the audio has been heavily compressed so that you'll hear some distortion in the voice actors' "S" and "F" sounds.

    Sigh. Fool me once Telltale...
  • While I tend to trust IGN, I think they're exaggerating a bit.

    I went ahead and downloaded it. And while it's not always smooth as say...Super Mario's not bad at all.

    It's a marked improvement from Episode 1. There was no time in the first installment where I'd say the framerate it smooth.

    But in Episode 2, at least so far (I've played maybe an hour), there have been many times where I actually would call the framerate "smooth." And by "smooth" I do in fact mean SMG smooth. And so far the worst framerates I've seen have still been better than the 99% of Ep 1.

    So in short, Telltale hasn't fooled us twice. Don't let IGN cause your heart to be troubled.

    And incidentally, IGN's review seems somewhat disjointed. The text section seems to take a positive view of the episode. But the bullet point by the numbers scoring at the end takes, it seems to me, a noticeably less positive view (and makes some complaints that just don't seem valid, given the nature of the episode adventure game).

    And if they think MI games have only minimal makes we wonder if they've ever fully explored an MI game.
  • The frame rate isn't great, but it seems better than Ep 1. I just find the jungle puzzles again to be VERY redundant. Let's see some different kinds of puzzles/new locales in the next episode(s), eh?
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    Ben Telltale Staff
    We have made an effort to improve the frame rate on the Wii. Some of our optimizations are in episode 2, some more will be in episode 3. We've also improved our compression algorithms a bit, and increased the audio quality slightly using the additional space. It is still heavily compressed however.
  • i downloaded the game yesterday and so far I am enjoying it and thankful for the improvements made by telltale with regards to the framerate. At least I know that telltale is doing its best to improve on it.

    so to the others, i say to hell with the reviews from the likes of IGN :)

    keep up the good work telltale and hopefully more improvements will come on episode 3 :)
  • And that's what bothers me with many of these reviews. They point out, correctly so, that the frame-rates aren't always silky smooth. And there are pauses as the game decompresses (I'm assuming) and loads animations.

    But no reviews I've seen have even mentioned how much of an improvement there's been since ep 1. And I think that needs to be pointed out.
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