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  • Speaking of which, maybe the next episode should have more conversations where you can talk as Max. It kind of throws you off when all of a sudden you can do that; it's easy to miss.
  • Good stuff, Zeek! Looks like I should go back!

    I was a little baffled that I couldn't take the cup from the studio, fill it with ketchup and use it during the cooking... It seemed like the most obvious solution to the problem...
  • I was surprised I could put as much ketchup as I felt like on the Cassorole and Sam would still not know what was in it. :D
  • lol ep 2 had penis jokes!

    awsome, though surely max is asexual? i mean he wears no pants, yet where' the dangle?

    No dangle no dice
  • Ah, yes, that joke.

    I think that joke was based in the idea of miscommunication and the own perversion of the player. Still, it was one of the jokes that came out of nowhere that is still funny even after hearing it several times given the context.
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