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Disney Buys Marvel

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For $4 Billion.

ABC and Miramax do fine under the Disney umbrella, so I'm not worried about "kiddifiying" or the insertion of other Disney-related aspects into the comics. At least, not as a result of Disney being hard-handed about it.

I'd be worried about business bureaucrats getting in the way of good comics, if it wasn't for the fact that Marvel's current comics have all been editorally-mandated slime. Quesada drove the creative force out of Marvel Comics completely, so honestly there's nowhere to go but up in that regard.

The most affect I forsee is Universal losing their Marvel rides in Florida, and Slave Labor Graphics not getting to continue the awesome Gargoyles comics ever.
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  • I think "EXTERMINATE" is a lot more menacing than "DELETE".
  • GaryCXJk;193796 said:
    I think "EXTERMINATE" is a lot more menacing than "DELETE".
    True. But "Exterminatepool" has too many letters. :D
  • Brainiac;193846 said:
    True. But "Exterminatepool" has too many letters. :D
    One word, one movie: Exterminator
  • Bpb Iger seems like a guy who knows and respects talent. I mean, Pixar is still working the exact same way they did before the merger. Eisner would probably rather have fired the entire staff of Pixar than letting that happen.
  • I didn't really mind seeing different artist renditions of the characters, it was interesting. I actually haven't managed to pick up volume 2 of clan building or the last badguys because for some reason our local comic shop isn't getting them in. I can only assume there wasn't enough demand. I'll likely have to ship them straight from SLG but last time I looked into that their international shipping fee was a little painful.

    I wish Disney would stop being jerks about season 2 volume 2, I mean, WHO buys half a season unless they're a super crazy fan? Releasing it in two parts was the main issue. That and their refusal to release a region 2 version. Seriously, despite a petition from a lot of european fans, they refused because it wasn't "viable" or something. So we all had to import copies. Gah.
    How much would it have really cost to triple their coverage? Releasing it only in the us really did sorta, limit their client base.

    I admit though, I was actually preferring Bad Guys to Clan Building, it seemed a little better written and less muddled.. probably because it didn't have so many arcs to deal with.
    As for Greg's writing well, yeah... I wouldn't say he's amazing but he's got some interesting ideas and I always loved his antagonists.

    I've heard of the marvel version of gargoyles... seldom do I hear anything actually GOOD about it. I think the best i've heard is "the art was ok.... mostly"

    But then again, I don't think any of the original crew were involved with that particular incarnation.
  • THIS IS THE MOST HORRIBLE NEWS IV'E HEARD ALL DAY!!!!!! Soon, disney channel will show the movie premire of the Punisher. THE PUNISHER!!!!!!!!!!
  • I wonder if you will be able to play as spiderman in the new Kingdom Hearts....
  • i wonder if the next major crossover event will be 'x-men and avengers Vs snow white and the seven dwarfs'

    you never know..
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