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Problem with CSI pictures at an execution

posted by Tuike on - last edited - Viewed by 208 users

I'm having problems with first case. I should have five samples to compare in DNA Analysis computer. But i have only four. Blood sample of victims's face, blood spaller on the wall, blood sample of shoe and fluid sample from the morgue.
I have compared fluid sample with every other samples... but i read from walkthroug, that i should have one sample more. What i'm missing ? With what i should compare fluid to get match ?
I'm stuck with my please help...

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  • I think I understand the issue. Try this:

    - Drag the Fluid Sample to the DNA Machine
    - Click the "Search" button on the DNA machine screen.
    - this will search the computer library and display 5 possible matches on the UPPER part of the screen
    - Compare one of those to the Fluid Sample

    You should be good to go!! GOOD LUCK!!!

    - greg
  • Thank's. I didin't catch that !!!
    Now I can continue with my investigations.

    Once more THANKS !!!:) :)
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