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On monkeys, cannibals, robots, cursed islands, H. T. Marley and LeChuck.

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On monkeys, cannibals, robots, cursed islands, H. T. Marley and LeChuck.

The unified theory on Monkey Island events, secrets and plotholes. With spoilers. Could be concidered Fan-Fiction.

(Or the wall of text that makes other walls of text seem like Lego bricks)

A while back, when Marley was a kid and the voodoo lady just a baby, there were no monkeys on Monkey Island. Nope, none. Back then, the island was inhabited by natives, a proud folk with some vaycaylian blood. They had a secret. A magical well that led to the Underworld, a bridge between the living and the dead known as the Big Whoop. The tribe was protecting this magical gate from anyone and anything seeking immortality, power and stuff like that. They worshipped a god named Nor Treblig. Now, it was an island untouched by the Old World, but sooner or later a bunch of pirates came a shore.

As you probably guessed, the natives wellcomed them and treated them as Gods. They told the pirates about the gate between life and death, they shared some of the darkest voodoo magic they had. Now the pirate leader, let's call him Hellbeard, really liked the idea of immortality, so he went back to his ship and gathered his crew. Among the crew, there was a cabin boy, a kid by the name of Horatio Marley. Anyhow, the captain decided they need to get rid of the natives so they can take control of the island and the well of souls. But there were hundreds of natives on the island and only 20 pirates. So blinded by his lust for power, Hellbeard decided to use one of the natives magics aganst them - the Axe of Anumon. By combining the ultimate insult with a monkey paw and some banjo strings, they made a powerfull artifact that could turn people into MONKEYS!!!


And the magic worked! Most of the natives were turned into simians and the few that survived the curse fled the island. So... Now Hellbeard and his crew had nothing to stop them, right? Wrong. The monkeys still had their memory and their magic power. They summoned Nor Treblig, the Three-headed monkey, guardian of the crossing. And Nor Treblig used all his godly powers and hid the island from the pirates with his voodoo powers. Apart from the monkeys, only the surviving members, among them the Cannibals and a young girl that would one day become the voodoo lady, could find the island. Hellbeard tried finding the island for years but eventually gave up. Meanwhile, the monkeys built a mechanical guardian using some anchient vaycaylian knowlege. The Guardian would protect Big Whoop and would double as a gate and a seal. Now the guardian was shaped like a monkey, as you might have guessed. It was designed in case the pirates ever come back.


Time passed, Hellbeard went to chase other treasures, but the young Marley grew up. After some long, long research he realised that there is another way to reach Monkey Island. There was a back door - Dinky Island! Now, destiny works in mysterious ways for among the Marley crew there was a adolesent boy: a future LeChuck. This boy learned about the Ulitmate insult from Marley, he learned about Big Whoop. LeChuck was in love. So he went to his love, Elaine Marley and gave her an engagement ring hoping she'd wait untill he comes back and then marry him. Now, Elaine was around 14 at the time and quite a hothead, so as you might imagine she said no. LeChuck believed her rejection was somehow Horatio's fault, so he decided to ruin his big plan.

Young LeChuck knew he must go to monkey Island before Marley and stop him from getting a hold of Big Whoop. So he quicky found a crew and a ship and they raced to Dinky Island. LeChuck got shipwrecked on Blood island, but after stealing a ring from Millie Goodsoup, he managed to buy a ship and even get to Monkey Island first. He warned the monkeys and offered to defend Big Whoop and Monkey island with his life. Now Marley got to Monkey Island, but it was too late. LeChuck has been granted his powers in order to defend Big Whoop. The pirates fled and Marley split the map into four peaces. He then went to Australia and got into a magical voodoo vortex.

Now, it probably wasn't 20 years ago, because that would mean Elaine is over 40 in TMI. But umm? Why? Well, around this time there were some problems with the Julian callendar back in Europe. The big mix up came with the introduction of the Gregorian Callendar. The details are unclear, but someone in the Tri-Island area got really, really confused and accidently added around quite a few years to the callendar. What? It could happen. If you are that deep into the Carribean, sometimes news get confused. Before anyone noticed, people kind of got used to the new year, so reverting it back would have just confused pirates even more.


Anyhow, back to the monkeys. They had a defender, someone who can protect Big Whoop and were kinda happy though they hoped he'd one day undo the curse. But LeChuck started missing Elaine. In his anger and sorrow, he started hoarding more and more power from the well. A human was never ment to have such power. He drew so much from Big Whoop, he became a monster himself.

Well it turns out the vortex H.T. fell in spat him out on the shore of Mellee Island. He had no memory, but something in him told him he has to go to Monkey Island. So, he got a ship and a mate and went to Monkey Island.

Oh, the Voodoo priest from MI is probably a monkey. Now what is the Voodoo priest's goal? To bring LeChuck back to the monkey head and push him in the lava, thus bringing balance in the universe and all that. Basicly the monkeys are hoping LeChuck would one day break their curse and give them their human form back, but at the same time they are trying to protect Big Whoop and stop LeChuck from doing too much damage.

From then on, you know what happened...
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