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Should Telltale Make a Morgan LeFlay Game?

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I've seen a few people asking and wishing for a Morgan LeFlay spin-off game and I was all for the idea! If Telltale were to release a Morgan LeFlay, I think it should be a little like this:

- An adventure/action game. 85% point-and-click adventure game; 15% action (mainly swordfighting).

- A five episode season, each episode is a new mission where Morgan must track down a different pirate each time.

- Morgan should re-visit old Monkey Island locations and Islands such as Booty or Scabb Island and run into SOME old characters.

- The last episode should be of Morgan hunting down Guybrush and should end in exactly the same spot as Launch of the Screaming Narwhal with Morgan putting her blade to Guybrush's throat!

So, should Telltale make a Morgan LeFlay game? How would your ideal Morgan game differ from mine? Will it sell well? Opinions?
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    Vainamoinen Moderator
    I voted neither.

    I like Morgan; she participated in the best scene of the episodes yet, and I will love to see her again in future episodes. As of now, she is pretty much a stereotype, but that is played out really nicely. Her character might gain new aspects, making her more rounded, and, of course, she may undergo character changes (one at least, as we all hope). Nonetheless, this is not enough to have her star in her own game, even if I did not think that female characters are not one of TTG's strong points.

    Recently, I've played the (German) adventure "Book of Unwritten Tales". There's one character named "das Vieh" (meaning "the critter" or "the creature"). It is a pink-furred something with big eyes and a mouth bigger than Guybrush's pockets. It communicates through incredibly funny gestures and a language none of the other characters understand. There was one scene, about 15 minutes in the game, where you could control it, and that was definitly the most wonderful part in this really good game. Now, the developers have announced that their next game will center entirely on that character - and I definitly won't buy it. Some characters are best in small doses.

    Morgan LeFlay is probably one of these characters. ;)
  • Fealiks;194225 said:
    And aimed at a more... adult audience. *suggestive eyebrow wiggle*
    Yeah, I'm still waiting for the day that people start making Morgan LeFlay x Elaine Marley rule34. Normally they get onto it in a few hours or so.
  • I'm somehow not surprised that the cleavagey character is the breakout hit of the series so far even though she has, what, three minutes of screen time? :p
  • Morgan has the best boobs out of any Monkey Island character.

    ...beyond that I do not see any super appealing qualities to Morgan.

    I found her to be an utter dissapointment after a lead up to "Surprise - Old Character!" Her personality is OK and even at some points grating - "you're the guy who did this and this!"

    Honestly I think game centered around Elaine would be much (much) better if you wanted to go that route. Of course, van Winslow went from being boring to funny in one episode so I guess Morgan could be interesting but she's overhyped from her singular apperance.
  • she's overhyped from her singular apperance.
    She appeared three times :p

    But seriously. The last thing I ever want is a Monkey Island spin-off. And also I don't want to play as any other character in ToMI, only as Guybrush (just like in every other Monkey Island game).
  • Monkey Island Spinoff = FAIL
  • I enjoyed the character, but I don't see why we'd need a spin-off game in general, let alone one about her.

    Like others have said, focusing a game on Elaines adventures would be far more interesting to see, although it would be nice to see some of these newer characters fleshed out a bit more.. I'm sure that's something that will happen with the later episodes.
  • Having a whole season of Morgan's adventures? Naah. But I'm willing to buy a MI game that introduces a different protagonist every episode. Each episode as a piece of a puzzle that kind of combines into a big story. I'd like that. I love Guybrush, but it would be an interesting experience to play as Morgan, Elaine or LeChuck.
  • I'm not sick of her, as it says in the poll, but I don't think she should get her own games.
  • I hate her.. So anoying..
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