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You know you are obsessed with strong bad...

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You know you are obsessed with strong bad... If you call your computer "Compy". I want more suggestions (like on the SM version of this thread)
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  • ...When you have a cold and ask for Tish, You brand tissues. Dang, I really wish they were real right now.
  • This thread just got...

    *Insert picture of necromorph here*

  • how come no one not said this one yet?

    you know you're obssesed with strong bad when you refer to alcohol as "cold ones" on a regular basis

    me? i dont do this.
  • You know you are obsessed with Strong Bad when you call Energy drinks "Caffeinergysauce".
  • When you randomly yell "looks like I'm gonna have to jump!" even if the time doesn't call for it.
    Or when you make the W sound instead of the R sound. All the time.
  • when you sneese REALLY hard and then say to your sister/brother, "you're sister/brother asplode"

    When you see somebody mix up "its" and "it's" you sing, "ooooh! if you want to be possessive, it's just I-T-S! but it's suppost to be a contraction it's I-T-apostraphe-S!

    you randomly burst out in song. and that song just happens to be TROGDOOOOOOR!!!!!

    heh... my guitar's name is carol... and i call the computer compy... and i scream deleted in my head (i'm probably going to start doing it out loud) when i delete an email... and i say grood... and asplode... and when i see a duck i say someone get this freakin' duck away from me... and i have the atari game with that freakin' duck... and for cristmas last year my best present was a birthday pass to sbcg4ap... and i say looks like i'm gunna have to jump alot randomly... and when i get my dad a mountain dew, i refer to it as getting my old man a cold one...
  • ...that you revive this 2 month old thread.
  • was that me or that guy before me?
  • StinkomanFan;98608 said:
    When you think you have them tied up in your closet *Eye twitch*
    When you really DO have stinkoman and trogdor tied up in your closet. *maniacal laugh*
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